Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire (M/M)

Rajhir’s drawn-out groan was music to the Imdiko’s ears.  He entered easily, sliding sure and steady into Flencik’s body as if they’d done this a thousand times, filling him with rigid heaviness.  Flencik groaned as the thick cock traveled deep inside to rub against his hotspot.  Liquid fire jolted his cocks.  He bit his own forearm as tension sang through his body.

“That’s it,” Rajhir said.  “You feel good to me too, Imdiko.  So snug and warm.”  He sighed, the sound happy.

“Can I move?” Flencik asked.  He wanted to shove back and forth against Rajhir, to keep that delightful friction going.

“If you do so at my pace.  Nice and slow to start.”

Flencik eased forward, letting the hard prick slip outward until only the tip remained within him.  He rocked back, enclosing Rajhir once more until the Dramok’s groin met his ass.  The cock inside drove against that electric point within Flencik’s sleeve, sending biting pleasure through his belly.  The ball of heaviness between his throbbing dicks grew more weighted.  Oh yes.  This was good.

Flencik moved forward and eased back.  Forward and back.  Moist sounds accompanied the motions as Rajhir’s wet cock slid in and out of his ass.  His secondary prick rubbed against Flencik’s, adding to the sublime possession.  And always, always was that delicious pressure against his interior cumspot.  His fingers dug into the dirt and his toes curled.  His body wanted more.  He wanted it harder.

The Imdiko drove back against his lover, making their bodies smack together.  Rajhir groaned, and his fingers dug into Flencik’s hips.  Meanwhile, his cock slammed with unerring accuracy against that point of fire.  Flencik’s breath caught as molten lava slid deliciously into his secondary cock.  Damn, that was so much better.  Better, but still not everything he wanted.

He moved forward again, nearly to the point that Rajhir left his body.  Then he slammed back, taking the Dramok in hard.  The big cock inside him hit the sweet spot with brutal force.  Flencik’s cock jerked and spit out a few drops.  Rajhir yelled.

That was it.  That was what Flencik desired.

Before he could do it again, however, Rajhir began slapping his ass.  Hard.  Hard enough to make Flencik yelp and try to pull away.

“Oh no, you don’t,” the Dramok snarled.  He reached beneath to grasp Flencik’s primary cock.  He squeezed a warning, and the Imdiko froze.

“Rajhir—” he whimpered, his voice breathless from the pressure of the grip.

“Be quiet.”  When Flencik’s tense silence told Rajhir he would be obeyed, the Dramok said, “I told you, we fuck at my pace.  You ignored that, and now you will be punished.”

“I just wanted to – to–”

“You wanted to rush me.  You wanted to assert yourself.  I told you no.  Now stay right where you are and accept my discipline.”

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