Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

               Cissy let the innuendo creep into her tone, but Rolat didn’t miss the tremor that was there too. She was interested, but a little afraid of him. Well, well. The bold girl had a trace of nervousness after all. The idea of making her even more nervous and curious was arousing.
                Rolat was not a man who cared for games, however. Teasing over a long period of time was not his style. When he wanted to fuck, he made it loud and clear ... just as he was going to do now.
                He leaned closer, capturing her gaze with his. In his most no-nonsense tone, he told Cissy, “I will take care of you in every way you need – including making you come so hard you scream.”
                For once, it was Cissy’s jaw that went slack with surprise. She sat and stared at Rolat, her eyes wide.
                Diltan guffawed. “Well, well.  The rebel is finally shocked into silence.  Perhaps that reckless behavior was merely an act all along.”
                Cissy stared at Rolat for another long beat before dragging her gaze free of his. She made a face at Diltan, but there was no rancor behind it. Her voice sounded a touch breathless as she defended herself. “He just startled me.  Everyone has been tiptoeing around getting intimate so far, so to hear a man just come out with it was jarring.”
                Rolat grinned as he put a finger under her chin and made her face him once more. He sensed Cissy’s reluctance to look him in the eye, but he gave her no choice in the matter.
                When her gaze locked with his once more, the Nobek said, “I can be quite blunt, little wild one.  In fact, I prefer to be up front with what I want. What I want is you.”
                With that, he leaned in closer ... close enough to kiss. He did so, pressing his lips firmly against her so-soft ones. When he felt her melt against him, he pulled her into his lap.
                By the ancestors, Cissy Salter felt like heaven in Rolat’s arms. Her delicious, curvy frame fit wondrously in the circle of his embrace. She seemed to have been made for him to hold. He gathered her closer still, holding her against the wall of his chest.
                Cissy moaned. It parted her lips, and Rolat was quick to take advantage. He slid his tongue into her mouth, tasting this rambunctious little Earther like a man dying of starvation. Her tongue was like velvet against his coarser one. He sucked on it, drawing on it, devouring her.
                For a moment, Rolat was overwhelmed by the sensation of holding a soft, compliant woman in his arms. His cocks filled with heat, suddenly demanding. He broke the kiss, gasping for breath.
                There was no relief in that. Now he was looking into Cissy’s face, seeing how her eyes had glazed over, the way her lips were reddened and puffy from his attentions, and the soft glow of want in her expression. His cocks jerked. The thought of feeling her soft and pliant around them, yielding to their hunger...
                No. No, I’ve been without a woman for too long to let things happen that quickly. I may not get another chance with this particular beauty again. I want more than a quick fuck and release. Much, much more.

Tentatively scheduled for March release (no pun intended).


  1. Whew! I cannot wait for this to come out. Yum!

  2. I love March release dates. I take it personally.(my birthday is in March) 😸👽💖