Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Sister Katherine

Simdow drew back, slowly emptying Katherine of himself.  His exit was faster than his entrance had been, and the steady friction woke her body again.  Tingling heat lit in her passages, bringing a startled exclamation from her.


Simdow froze.  “Are you all right?”

Katherine clutched at his shoulders.  “Don’t stop.  Please don’t stop.”

One side of his mouth quirked in a smile.  “I won’t.”

He pressed back inside, moving a bit faster.  The feeling of boiling delight returned to Katherine’s belly.  When Simdow’s groin met hers, it ground against her clitoris, sending sharpened slivers of delight through her belly.  She cried out.


“Good girl,” Simdow breathed.  He kept moving, pulling out and sliding in with more speed and force.

He found that spot inside.  Katherine’s toes curled and she kicked her feet in the air.  Her choked cries grew louder with every thrust.  Each time Simdow shoved in, he pounded that one place that made her hair stand on end, setting off small explosions of ticklish fire, that sent pressure ballooning in her belly.  Katherine tried to shove against him, wanting more and wanting it harder.  Her position, rolled up onto her upper back with her legs scooped up in Simdow’s arms, didn’t allow her to do so.   Simdow was in control of her body.  

Fortunately, he moved faster with more power behind each thrust.  His loins smacked meatily against her, each plunge driving desperate cries from her gut.  The orgasm was in sight now, teasing her, tantalizing her with its nearness.  Her body seethed with scorching want.

“Please,” she begged.  “Please, my Dramok.”

“Do you wish to come for me, my Matara?”

“I want to.  Please.”

Their bodies met with pistol-shot cracks.  Simdow rode her powerfully, driving her closer to the end, but in such small increments.  She needed release.  She needed it so bad it hurt.  The craving devoured her every thought save the one that said she must climax.


Simdow reached between her legs and seized her swollen clitoris.  “Now, my love.”

His touch sent a bolt of lightning through every cell of Katherine’s being.  She flew up, up, higher still until she must touch Heaven itself.  Then glorious light sang its piercing tone, scattering everything in its white-hot beam.  Katherine threw herself into the sweet dissolution.

Pulsing rapture.  Boundless ecstasy.  She glimpsed eternity and disintegrated into it over and over.

She reluctantly fell back into the clutches of the mundane world, descending once more into the everyday.  Except now Simdow was in the throes of his own paradise, his body straining over hers, his flesh pulsing inside to fill her with his passion.  Seeing his face slack with release brought renewed tremors to her own body, tiny glimpses of the glory she’d just experienced.

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