Friday, March 13, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Conviction (M/M/M)

               “Wait until you feel this,” the Dramok grinned.  He opened a bottle he’d also brought.  He squirted lube into the palm of his hand and rubbed the gel all over the plug.  Then he stepped behind Krijero and braced one hand on his shoulder.
                “Open up, Imdiko.”
                Krijero licked his lips and relaxed against the hard object pressing against his ass.  Gelan eased it inside nice and slow.  It seemed rather tame compared to some of the things Krijero had allowed done to his butt over the years.  Then the thick length hit his hot spot inside.
                Sumptuous heat and an ecstatic charge shot up the Imdiko’s spine.  He groaned embarrassingly loud, and his cock seeped a few drops of pre-cum.  So that was why the thing was so damned long.  It had been made to rub the prostate, just as it did now.  Krijero shuddered, and it moved inside him with just that small jerking.  Another surge of electricity.  Krijero panted for breath and tried to hold still.
                Gelan’s voice filled with dark amusement.  “Perfect.  Now a couple other things.”
                He showed Krijero a thick, rubbery-looking black circlet.  The Imdiko’s heart sank at the sight.
                Gelan chuckled.  “Not looking very happy, I see.  Someone doesn’t like cockrings, Wynhod.”
                “Poor fellow.  I’ll keep that in mind for future torment.”
                The Dramok peered at Krijero, the merriment chased away by a stern, commanding expression that told the Imdiko he would receive no mercy.  “You are giving this body to us to use as we see fit, aren’t you?” Gelan asked.
                Krijero drew a deep breath.  He was already close to coming with that plug sitting right on his trigger spot.  Wynhod’s strapping would only make him more eager for release.  He hated having a cockring choking his pleasure off, but if he was to last more than a few minutes, it was a necessary evil. 
                He acquiesced with a slight nod.  “Yes, Dramok.  My body belongs to you for your pleasure tonight.”
                Krijero had lubricated so profusely that Gelan had no trouble slipping the ring onto him all the way up to the base of his primary cock.  The grip of it was tight and uncompromising.  He would not be able to ejaculate until Gelan and Wynhod allowed it.
                A warm hand stroked over his buttocks.  Krijero jerked in surprise, his ass clenching tight.  That ground the anal plug against his hot spot.  The Imdiko moaned throatily and pulled hard against the tethers on his wrists.  The bonds held tight.  He moaned again to feel how helpless he was against the two men.
                By the ancestors, why had he agreed to this?
                He could hear the smile in Wynhod’s voice.  “There will be a lot more of those sounds of pleasure before the night is done.”
                “Louder too.”  Gelan showed Krijero what looked like a soft pouch.  “Have you ever had someone use one of these on you before?”
                The Imdiko blinked at it.  It opened at one end, about big enough to slip a bottle of kloq in.  Its tan skin was thick, and there were ridges inside it.  “No, Dramok.”
                Gelan’s gaze cut to Wynhod, who continued to stroke Krijero’s ass.  “This is going to be fun.”
                He slipped it over Krijero’s main cock.  The Imdiko frowned.  A sleeve for his dick?  It was a bit loose.  If his prick hadn’t been standing nearly straight up at attention, the sleeve would fall off.
                Gelan showed him a small control box no bigger than a com unit.  “Remote controlled.  Let’s tighten that right up.”
                The sleeve’s circumference drew in on itself until it enclosed the Imdiko’s cock in a soft, snug grip.  The pressure felt good, making him throb.  Krijero shivered hard, and the anal plug dug into his prostate.  Thick excitement jolted through his secondary cock and tried to push its way into the other.  He groaned.  Damn, he couldn’t move without that thing sending pleasure through his loins.  It tortured him.
                Gelan’s expression grew more evil and delighted with every passing second.  “Shivering?  We can’t have that.  Maybe you’d like a little extra warmth too.”
                The sleeve heated, making Krijero’s sexual flesh toasty and more aroused than ever.  His head fell back and he sobbed a breathless cry to the ceiling overhead.  His secondary cock was thick with excitement and trying to shove a fountain of cum up into its larger companion.  The cockring held eruption at bay, however, making the Imdiko’s gut feel heavy and full.
                “Now for the friction.”
                The fucking thing on his dick moved.  The inside of the sleeve slid up and down on Krijero’s cock, working him slow and steady.  It felt like a tight, strong hand stroking him, trying to make him come.  Sensation roiled, trying to coax his seed out, and his entire lower half convulsed with agonized need.  The cockring held him tight however, refusing to let Krijero erupt the hot, molten stream fighting to get free. 
                The Imdiko very nearly screamed.  He jerked, his hips shoving forward instinctively.  The plug up his ass grated hard against his cum spot.  Shattering orgasm filled his loins, crashing brutally against the base of his cock where the ring kept it trapped.
                Krijero did scream then.  He twisted violently against the tethers holding him prisoner as vicious want drummed insistently to be set free.  He had nowhere to go.  No way to get loose.  No way to come.

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