Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: To Clan and Conquer (M/M/M)

As Tranis’ front prick traveled deeper into his mouth, moving closer to the Imdiko’s throat, Degorsk swallowed and held his breath.  He took Tranis all the way to the root.

“By the ancestors,” the man groaned, his eyes half-lidded in ecstasy.  “You have an amazing mouth, Degorsk.”

“And it looks damned good wrapped around a dick,” Lidon added, still moving in and out of the Imdiko’s ass.  “I’m going to have to enjoy that in the near future.”

“You’d better wear that ring,” Tranis groaned, slipping back out until only the tip of him remained between Degorsk’s lips.  “Fuck, he’s good.”

Degorsk rewarded the praise by rubbing his tongue back and forth along the underside of Tranis’ cock as it pushed back in.  The hand holding his hair tightened painfully and the Dramok growled in reaction.

As Tranis found his rhythm, fucking Degorsk’s mouth with delicious thoroughness, Lidon pulled free of him.  The Imdiko shivered to feel the Nobek’s larger cock pushing against him, insistently taking the place of the smaller.  He was nearly the same size as Tranis lengthwise, but Lidon had a touch more girth.  Degorsk pushed out hard to accept him.

“Good, Degorsk.  That’s it,” Lidon sighed as he enclosed himself in warmth.

When Lidon found that sensitive area in Degorsk’s sheath, the tighter fit sent sheer elation through his core.  Degorsk cried out around Tranis’ cock and nearly choked.  Agonizing need pulsed hugely through his loins.  He jerked against both men.

“He’s definitely feeling it,” Tranis chuckled, though his voice was strained.  His grip on Degorsk’s hair kept the Imdiko from moving his head too much.  The Dramok never missed a beat as he pumped in and out of his mouth.

“Good,” Lidon gasped, slipping in and out, finding that spot over and over to make Degorsk’s muffled shouts continue.  “I’ve been waiting to give it to him for three years now.”

Their words were so much noise to Degorsk.  His stomach clenched as his secondary dick strained to release boiling ecstasy into the primary.  His entire lower body was seizing up with fierce need as the two men fucked him.

The shaft in his mouth oozed spicy-salty-sweetness against his tongue, warning that it would soon erupt, sending hot cum down his throat.  The thick rod up his ass was driving harder and harder into him, against the spot that made him feel he was going insane.  Lidon’s hips slapped loudly against his painful ass in quicker succession, with an occasional pause to grind brutally against the hot, interior button.  Degorsk was sobbing in torment as the other two men worked their bodies into his.

“Lidon.”  Tranis was panting now, his chest heaving for air.

“Go.”  A thickly calloused hand reached beneath Degorsk, grabbing his front dick.  He squalled as excruciating bliss demanded escape.

Tranis moved back, grabbing his cock in one hand while pulling Degorsk’s head back with the other.  He whipped himself hard, leaving the tip of his prick in the Imdiko’s mouth, lying on his tongue.

“Here it is,” he groaned.  “Here it comes, Degorsk.”

At the same time, the hateful barrier clutching the base of Degorsk’s cock released.  Lidon’s hand closed over him in its place.  He squeezed and pulled.

Tranis’ head fell back, and he unleashed a primal scream.  He worked his cock hard.  Thick streams of hot fluid shot into Degorsk’s mouth, sliding down his throat.

A thunderclap of rapture resounded through the Imdiko’s body.  He shrieked as burning elation jolted through his cocks, ushered out in near painful bursts by Lidon’s coaxing, squeezing grip and that constant thudding inside his ass.

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