Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

               Imdiko Egilka peered through the heavy drapes that concealed his presence in the brothel’s playroom.  He watched the six-limbed Isetacian female crouch over the prone body of the Crown Prince of Kalquor.
                Egilka had to remind himself about how pissed off he was with Prince Clajak.  It wasn’t easy with that gorgeously muscled and naked body lying there, helpless under the Isetacian’s hypnotic song.  Even without the royal pedigree, Clajak would never want for intimate companionship.  He was just too delicious.
                All Kalquorians, including their few women, were genetically predisposed to muscularity.  Clajak’s body couldn’t be more artistically chiseled, everything perfectly proportioned in a gorgeous flow of tendons, sinew, and strength.  He lay relaxed, caught in stunning repose.  Egilka longed to go to him and trace every single line that separated one muscle from another.  Preferably with his tongue.
                The prince’s long hair spread under his head, gossamer strands begging to be stroked.  It was not the typical black of the Kalquorian race.  Instead, Clajak’s hair possessed the sheen of tempered steel, as if the strands had been dipped in metal.  It was a mutation, shared by his Nobek father Emperor Yuder.  Instead of aging Clajak, it seemed to underscore the youthfulness of his handsome, strong-jawed face, a face turned soft with dreamy pleasure.
                The Crown Prince wore a smile for good reason.   The Isetacian female sang to him, the tune coming from her toothless mouth hypnotic to most within hearing distance.  Despite her appearance – hard gray skin broken up by the hard ridge of bone down the middle of her back, a bulbous head circled by two rows of tiny eyes – Clajak’s expression couldn’t have been more rapturous.  He drowned in the sweet trill of her voice, his senses consumed by her entrancing song.  His entire nervous system had been snared in the lovely trap of her tune.  It was the way Isetacians caught prey for their meals on their home world, prey they preferred to eat alive.  Even knowing the deadly reason for the adaptation didn’t erase the sweetness of the floating notes, however.  In fact, in the brothels it only made the prostitutes of that race all the more popular to clients.
                Egilka would have been caught up in it as well, if not for the plugs in his ears.  However, he wasn’t on Dantovon to enjoy the hundreds of thousands of prostitutes it boasted.  He wasn’t there for the voyeuristic thrill of watching a man get laid in a brothel either.  He was here to haul Prince Clajak back to Kalquor, as ordered by the Imperial Clan themselves.  Once they were home, the two men were to be clanned ... as they should have been a month ago.

No release date set.


  1. Tracy, you evil woman! I had achieved a level of zen and prepared myself to wait. Alien Indiscretions at least one possibly two months out, Shalia on hiatus so no Kalq fix there BUT I was calm. I was cool. I could handle it.

    HOWEVER! This is Ms St. John I'm dealing with. Mistress of Tantalizing Teasers! She laughs "Oh you want this? Ha Ha Ha Can't have it! Sit and wait Peasant!"

    Soooo, zen gone. Another delicious story to eagerly anticipate, drooling over the yummy goodness just beyond my reach. *sigh*