Friday, February 6, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld III: Once Bitten Twice Dead

We materialized behind the police station in the motor pool.  Before I had a good look around the gated area, Dan marched me smartly over to a white cruiser.  His hand still clutched at the back of my neck, he bent me over the hood.  I’d sucked in enough power to feel the cold metal and the edge of it dig against my hips.  I began to buy into the fantasy, that I’d done something or was suspected of doing something wrong.  My utter helplessness against the authority figure behind me made me shake all over.

His command was an uncompromising growl.  “I’m going to have to search you for weapons and contraband, Miss.  Stay absolutely still.”

I wasn’t faking the wavering voice.  “Yes, Officer.”

He tapped the insides of my ankles with his foot.  “Spread ‘em.”

I did so, feeling how my medium-height heels wobbled on the asphalt.  My skirt rode up a little, wandering up to mid-thigh.  I wore no stockings, and the feel of his trouser legs brushing against the insides of my legs brought sharp arousal to mix uneasily with anxiety.  

Dan’s hand at my neck kept me pinned.  The other wandered over my back roughly, then moved to the front of my torso.  His grip on me tightened, and he pulled me a little bit up off the hood of the car.  He frisked my belly and moved up.  His hand tightened around my breast until I moaned with the ache.  Then he moved to the other one, squeezing it hard too.

He grunted and tugged down the top of my dress, exposing me from the waist up.  My tiny black bra with the lace scalloped edges got twisted as he shoved his hand inside the cups.

“You can’t do that,” I protested.  “I have my rights!”

The next instant, his long black baton was pressed hard against my collarbone, holding me against his body.  When I’m in heels, Dan and I are very close in height.  I could feel another hard length against my buttocks.  My arresting officer was enjoying himself very much.  

His breath was warm and wild against my ear.  “You will surrender to a thorough search, Miss.  For officer safety, I’m required to search everywhere.”

He went back to groping my breasts, pinching my nipples with a cruelty that made me cry out.  I writhed in his grip.  “Stop!  I want my lawyer!”

“You don’t get a lawyer.  I haven’t arrested you yet.  Be a good girl, and I might let you off with a warning.”

I trembled but stopped fighting him.  His hands gentled, softly brushing the palms over my sensitive nipples.  Heat coiled in my belly.  I whimpered.

“Good girl.  Don’t resist and we’ll see about that warning.  Fight me, and you’re talking serious jail time.”

I relaxed against him, surrendering utterly to his domination.  His hands rubbed, squeezed, fondled.  His hips moved a little against my backside, rubbing his thickness into the crevice.  I trembled to feel how eager he was.

The baton slid away from my chest.  “Bend over the car again,” came the order.

I obeyed, feeling how vulnerable I was in that position, especially with my wrists still cuffed behind my back.  Then the hem of my dress began to rise up my legs until the skirt joined the bodice crumpled at my waist.  I admit I flinched a little when his hands ran up my inner thighs.  One palm cupped the crotch of my panties.  A curl of need squeezed everything inside tight.

“Hmm. A lot of lubrication here.  Did you secrete something inside an orifice, Miss?”

Despite the mix of desperate arousal and darts of fear over what he might decide to do with me, I couldn’t help but think, Oh, I’m secreting all right.  I quashed a near hysterical burst of laughter.

I managed to answer, “No, Officer.  I promise.”

“I think I’m going to have to do a cavity search.  Spread ‘em.”

I was already spraddle-legged, but he pushed my legs apart even wider.  I felt the folds of my pussy part, like the blooming of a flower.  He yanked my panties, and when they refused to strain past my thighs, he tore them off.

The violence of the act made everything in me quake even as I gasped with want.  I liked it when Dan used me roughly, but I’d always had the feeling he’d held back too.  I was getting the idea that caught up in his authority scene, he wouldn’t do so much of that.  

I was honestly scared.  I was also incredibly aroused.

He spread my butt cheeks with calloused hands.  Frightened tears dripped from my eyes as I fell fully into the fantasy.  “Please Officer, I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Unless you do what you’re told, that’s up to the jury to decide.  Don’t give me any trouble or I’ll add resisting arrest to the list of charges.”

I had no choice but to concede to his wishes.  My forehead sank to the hood of the car.  “Yes, Officer.”

He spread the lips of my pussy wide with one hand.  Two fingers of the other shoved hard into me, and I cried out with the sudden, almost brutal violation.  The searching digits twisted and probed, and he hit that special spot where heat lives.  Fire burst through my loins with almost painful intensity, and I threw my head back and groaned.  I felt my insides gush, soaking the hands working me hard.

He shoved a third finger inside.  The next instant he was pounding in and out of my pussy, making sure to rub viciously on the cluster of nerves within it.  Everything below clenched.  The pleasure actually hurt.  Oh my gosh, it was too much, and I couldn’t take it.  Crying out, I shoved my torso off the car.

The hand spreading me wide left my pussy to push between my shoulders.  He held me down, making me take the battering ram of fingers reaming me hard and fast.  My feet came off the pavement, kicking wildly in an effort to escape.

His chuckle was pure evil.  “That’s it, baby.  Dance for me.”

My insides were turning themselves inside out from the brutal finger effing.  I needed to come in the worst way, needed to release the insane pressure that filled my womb to bursting.  I couldn’t.  My pussy was a maelstrom of agonizing sensation, but it couldn’t find climax.  I was heavy with need I’d never known before, pregnant with it.  The orgasm wouldn’t let loose.  It crushed against me, but I just couldn’t come.

I shrieked and cried.  I fought.  And then my safeword was trembling on my lips, ready to be screamed so he would stop.  I’d never used my safeword with Dan.  But the pleasure was so incredibly painful.

I didn’t want to say it.  I didn’t.  But oh gosh, the ache was too much.  I couldn’t take it, I couldn’t come… 

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