Friday, February 20, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – The Font

            Again and again, Elisha’s mouth worked its terrible magic.  Naya’s nether parts ached fiercely, and she cried, shrieked, cursed, begged, and bargained for release.  Elisha was merciless though, her supplications making no impact on him at all.
            At last Naya gave up, her entire body trembling violently as he sweetly assaulted her yet again.  Her arms lay at her sides, her legs slung over Elisha’s shoulders, all limbs weak from the tension that filled her womb.  She looked at the star-pocked sky overhead, tears running from her eyes as he rubbed that vicious tongue over her clit, bringing her closer and closer to the end that would never come.  He would indeed keep her in this hell forever, hovering on the brink of glorious release, never to realize the joyous liberation of passion realized.  She would die like this, glimpsing nirvana without ever setting foot there.
            He spoke, his lips and tongue still working on her helpless flesh, the vibration bringing fresh warmth cascading through her lower parts.  She moaned.
            “What?” she whimpered, her voice wavering in defeat.
            “Have you conceded your body to me?”
            Shuddering sobs.  She almost couldn’t speak for the force of them.
            “Is this body mine, Naya?”
            “Yes, Elisha.  It is yours.”
            “Even if I choose to not let you come?  Even if I force you to endure this the entire night?”
            Naya’s chest heaved with the onslaught of her grief.  He would do it.  She knew he would.  And there was nothing she could do about it.
            “It is yours.  I am yours.”
            “To do as I wish, whatever it may be?”
            Again, there was the sense of a smile in his voice.  “Then I wish you to climax, my Naya.  Well done.”
            Then he was sucking hard on her clit, his tongue swirling around and around the tip, two of his fingers pressing into her sheath, working in and out hard and fast.  The elation filled her until she thought she must burst apart, and even as it broke over her, the tidal wave finally crashing its full weight upon her, crushing her in its drowning embrace, she thought, he won’t let me, he’ll stop just as it happens, he won’t…
            Then all coherent thought was gone, ripped away in a surge of blinding whiteness that chased the velvet night sky away, along with the half-fallen barn, the crumbling house, the sad little grave markers of Elisha’s long-lost family.  Naya knew nothing beyond the deluge of sensation that poured through her body.  It filled her senses with dazzling brilliance so vivid that it negated all knowledge of herself.
            She came back to the real world, riding the continued pulses of her body’s delight.  Elisha was there, his body joined to hers.  The slap-slap of his groin against her sex and his cock sliding in her tight yet yielding channel maintained the thrum of pleasure.  Little detonations sparked here and there as the vampire worked towards his own release, and Naya seized against him from time to time with renewed climax.  His breath came faster with her every seizure, his groans more numerous with every convulsion that sought to milk his cock of its juices.

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