Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 7 – Alien Refuge

Iris rocked forward, letting Rivek slip deliciously through her channels.  Sliding friction moving through her, lighting up everything inside.  She closed her eyes to feel it better.  Then she moved back onto those twin cocks, carefully enclosing the man kneeling behind her once more.  Very little discomfort this time.  She almost missed that galvanizing sting of hurt.  How strange, she thought.

“That’s it.  Good girl.”  Rivek’s approval was very breathy.

Iris moved forward again.  He felt so amazing, sliding easily through her now.  When she rocked back again, she did it faster, harder, achieving more of that wonderful ache this time.  It made no sense that it heightened the boiling pleasure in her gut, but it did.  The next time she shoved back onto Rivek, she did it even harder, as if she would split herself in two on him.  Dull pain resounded this time, feeding the weird passion slowly engulfing her.

That was it.  That was what she wanted.

“What are you doing, Iris?  Tell me.  Use those words that scared you so much.”

“I’m fucking you, Rivek.  I’m fucking your cocks with my ass and pussy.”  She felt not one bit of concern over her language.  All she cared about was the blooming rapture taking over.

Iris drove herself against the Kalquorian, taking him hard and fast.  Fierce arousal awoke, growing bigger, tightening her insides in a vicious spiral.  Violent desire licked throughout her loins, making everything coil taut.  She could feel her body gathering itself, every mote of pleasure coalescing into one brilliant spot, drawing together in preparation to blow wide open.  Almost there, hanging just on the edge.  If she could just find a little more force...

“Please,” Iris moaned.  “Please.”

Rivek’s hands closed over her shoulders.  When she shoved back onto him this time, he pulled.  At the same time, he thrust hard and deep into her with devastating strength.

Iris’ senses broke apart in a tidal wave of phenomenal bliss.  It surged through her all at once, rending her wits into scattered motes of disconnected, half-formed thoughts.  Swell after swell of pleasure gushed through her body.  Starbursts of white light exploded before her eyes, blinding her to all but the stormy flow of rapture.

When she came back to the surface of the Kalquorians’ bed, Rivek was moaning above her, his cocks pulsating inside, the primary one streaming thick heat into her ass.  Jol rubbed her back as Ospar stroked her hair.

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