Friday, February 13, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 6: Alien Redemption

Erybet smiled, and the threat was back in his expression.  “Excellent, Ray-Ray.  Now let’s get back to our earlier discussion.  Do you accept my authority right here and now?”

Oh crap.  Was he really going to do this?

Rachel motioned for her handheld.  She wanted to know exactly what the Dramok meant by his question.

“No, Ray-Ray.  I want another simple yes or no answer.  Though if you say no, I will be forced to try to convince you otherwise.”

Well, she certainly wasn’t going to give away her power to a near stranger.  No way.

A hum announced the vibrator had been turned back on.  “Answer, Matara?”

Rachel had a feeling Erybet’s earlier teasing had been but a small taste of the torture he might make her endure.  Her mouth was dry.  She’d been desperate to come then, almost crazed for orgasm.  That he could make it worse, she had no doubt.  That she wanted to be tested was also a fact.  But she wanted it to end with everyone getting off.   Somehow she had the feeling Erybet wouldn’t let that happen until she acquiesced to his dominance.

She just couldn’t resist a challenge though, especially since she wasn’t sure exactly how much power he wanted over her.  She shook her head no.

Erybet actually looked pleased.  “Very well then.”

The humming device touched her, sending agonized delight into her core.  Heat ballooned where it made contact and spread throughout her belly.  The groan that she emitted felt like it came all the way from the base of her spine.  She strained against the men, but there was no way to move, no avenue of escape.

Erybet took the vibrator away, and Rachel groaned again with loss.  He pulled the plug from her anus partway and pushed it in again.  Now she had another heady sensation to excite her.

After a few moments of that, Erybet sheathed the anal plug to apply the vibrator to her clit once more.  Stomach-churning pleasure erupted with a vengeance.

“Now, my little Ray-Ray.  Are you ready to surrender yourself to me?”

The ache for release was growing to an acute point.  Rachel managed to jerk a little, rubbing herself harder against the thrumming surface.  She cried out, closing in on nirvana.

Erybet withdrew the delicious pressure, just out of her reach.  “No, you may not.  Not until you concede to me.”

He went back to fucking her rear with the fake cock.  It felt good, but it wasn’t what she wanted.  But to get what she wanted, she had to give in to him.

“I am Dramok.  I am the leader.  Give yourself over, Ray-Ray.”

The cylinder touched her pussy briefly.  It went away.  He continued to ply her ass with the dildo.  Another brief brush of thrumming power against her clit, then he drew back once more.  She wailed.

“Surrender yourself sexually, Ray-Ray.  It is the only way to get what you desire.”

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