Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

               Diltan eyed her prim outfit. Tasha could take a lesson about loosening up, he thought. She didn’t need to be as crazy as Cissy, not by any means ... but it would be nice if his potential mate showed a little more enjoyment of her own newfound freedom.
                Tasha laughed harder than ever. “You should see the soaksuit she got.  It’s utterly scandalous!”
                Wal’s gaze went distant. “Oh yes.” The Imdiko’s tone was breathy, and Diltan knew his clanmate was remembering exactly how Cissy had looked in her scanty sunbathing wear.
                That brought on a lustful turn to Diltan’s thoughts as well. What the hell; it was better than dwelling on his troubles at work.
                Yet he was supposed to be attending to Tasha. He plastered a smile on his face. “You’ve managed to hang on to your dignity despite being free to express your, ah, freedom.”
                Tasha shrugged. “I had my own little wild period on the transport. I figured I’d never see those people who were there again anyway, so why not?”
                “Too bad,” Rolat muttered in an undertone. “I would have liked to have seen that.”
                Diltan kept his mouth shut while Wal bit his lips together.
                Unaware of their reactions, Tasha continued blithely, “I don’t like passion to rule my actions.  Bad things happen.” For just a moment, her face went dark. It cleared so quickly that Diltan thought he must have imagined the strange expression. She smiled brightly. “Still, I like to cut loose just a bit from time to time.” 
                “But not as much as your sister?” Diltan was having more and more difficulty imagining Tasha cutting loose at all.
                Tasha wrinkled her nose. “These days, she’s wild enough for both of us.”
                Rolat sighed. “She is something.”
                Wal sounded even more wistful. “Yes, she is.”
                The expressions on his clanmates’ faces told Diltan what he’d been suspecting since their first date with Tasha: they were far more interested in Cissy than her sister.
                Mother of All, that’s just what I need on top of everything else that’s going on.
                Yet in his present state of mind, Diltan knew he could no longer deny that it was Cissy his thoughts inevitably turned to when he wasn’t focused on work. Tasha’s assertion that her twin’s outrageous behavior was only a recent occurrence in the wake of leaving a repressive society behind made sense.

Tentatively scheduled for March release.

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