Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Cissy lay on Tasha’s bed, watching her sister put on makeup. The table her sister sat at did double duty as a desk and a vanity. The top of it was so cluttered, it was a wonder Tasha could find anything.
                Cissy found it amusing that as neat and tidy as her twin kept her appearance, she tended to be a slob around her living quarters. Tasha had been a whirlwind of activity earlier, trying to get her greeting room neat enough to be seen by Clan Diltan. That she’d made no attempt to do the same with her bedroom told Cissy that Tasha had no intention of inviting them for a romp.
                Maybe she’ll go home with them tonight, Cissy thought as she watched Tasha make her skin flawless with carefully applied powder. Even if Diltan is something of a jerk and Wal never talks, it would be hard to resist an invitation to get up close and personal.
                The three men were a temptation. Even she was willing to admit that, at least to herself. Rolat with his brute masculinity. Wal with his kind face and intelligent eyes. Diltan with his sheer beauty. The thought of them naked had her tightening her thighs together.
                With determined nonchalance, Cissy hinted, “So, you’re giving that councilman and his buds another try at the Tasha sweepstakes, huh?”
                Tasha shrugged. She poked through the debris on her table until she found her rouge. “They were nice enough.  There was no spark, but I don’t see the harm in a second date.”
                That seemed to sum up Tasha’s courting experience thus far. She had been on several dates since the first one with Clan Diltan but had not seen any of the clans twice. She had yet to show excitement about any of them, though the men had run the gamut of ages, professions, and levels of attractiveness. Cissy had begun to wonder if her sister had the slightest clue of what she really wanted from a clan.
                Not that she had any right to throw stones at her twin. Cissy’s dates thus far had been fun, but there had been little as far as any real connections. It was her own fault, of course. She’d been gravitating to younger clans with rowdy tastes. Cissy had sampled lemanthev concerts by the score, high-speed shuttle races, kurble games, and fighting matches. Tasha teased her about being more like a teenage boy tearing loose with his friends than a grown woman looking to settle down.
                Cissy had to admit there might be some truth to her sister’s assessment. After 30 years of being prim and proper on Earth, who wouldn’t revel in her newfound freedom to be a bit wild? It was hard to contact the more settled and mature clans when life was full of so many new experiences.

Tentatively scheduled for February release.

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  1. Can't wait for this one. Hope the muses are being good to you, Tracy.