Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld II: Blood Potion No. 9

Tristan continued the slow taking, drawing in and out to make me feel every excruciating moment of intrusion and retreat. His muscles corded, letting me know he wouldn’t be able to maintain the torment much longer. Soon his lust would take over, forcing him to take me hard and fast, allowing us both glorious dissolution. I only had to retain control until his need matched mine. But I was still on the brink, so close that the slightest thing could undo me.

“Not yet,” he growled at me, intuiting as always my level of arousal. I chewed on the tie gagging me, fighting to keep whimpered pleas from creeping out to displease him. 

We engaged in a united battle of wills against our bodies, both of us determined to make me prove my obedience to Tristan. I could see the concentration on my lover’s face as he tortured himself as much as me by making himself hold back. Need worked his face as he took me. Small moans escaped him with every breath.

I was being stretched to the breaking point, clammy sweat breaking out over my skin as I held off with all I had. Feeling Tristan moving in and out, the friction lighting sparks that threatened to send me over, was delicious and terrible all at once. I had no choice but to keep my legs splayed wide open to accept his assault.

Being a sub is a horribly wonderful thing.

At last he couldn’t take anymore. Tristan fell over me, his body covering mine like a blanket as his hips beat against me in a desperate tattoo. His groin was tight to mine, rubbing my clit with every eager thrust. Blinding sensation licked through my lower body, dragging me towards climax.

No, no, no. He hasn’t given permission. 

My eyes squeezed shut. My jaw clenched in a teeth-shattering bite. My hands fisted until my fingernails bit into my palms. Tickling heat seized my loins, pulling me into the abyss. I was going over.

No, darn it, hold on, he hasn’t said I can!

I was at the top of the peak, excruciating bliss starting its cascade, laying hold and tensing to fling me out into space.


“Now, Brandilynn! Come now!”

His shout came just as I dissolved into a gazillion tiny suns, all exploding at once in a cataclysm of white-hot oblivion. Orgasm hurled me into eternity, every cell seeming to swirl in its own delighted dance through the cosmos. I expanded and expanded until I must have broken the edges of the universe.

Re-releasing next month with new cover art (no major edits made to text).