Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld I: Drop Dead Sexy

I trailed gentle kisses down his shaft. Cupping his balls in my palm, I licked them, enjoying the softness of the skin there. With my free hand, I stroked his penis up and down while giving his scrotum a very thorough tongue bath. Dan groaned, his hands in my hair, tightening and releasing in turns as I enjoyed tasting him.

Then I moved up his erection, my tongue tracing the vein that ran the underside of his cock. I delighted to feel it thrum with a pulse, as if Dan still lived. It amazed me what memories our discorporate selves retained after death. Even involuntary functions could be recalled in the right situation.

I followed that throbbing trail right up to his darkened head, where I paused to lick all around where it joined to the shaft. Dan whispered my name, then “baby girl” as if muttering a prayer. A bead of sweetness appeared at the tip of his cock. I claimed it, rolling his salty goodness all over my tongue.

Then I twirled my tongue over the smooth head, going slow to make him moan. Hearing his pleasure at my service made my nipples and lower parts tight. I love making a man feel good like this. Don’t ask me why it flips my switches; it just does. My thighs were already slick from eager juices as I delighted him.

My lips closed over the head, and I slowly drew them away, sucking gently as I went, my tongue swirling until his cock left my mouth. Another moan, and I got a ticklish warmth in my belly. He loved my work. A girl likes to know her efforts are appreciated.

Slowly, slowly, I enclosed as much of Dan’s length in my mouth as I could, one hand gripping the base of him while I caressed his balls with the other. I reversed course, rubbing the pulsing vein below with my tongue. He groaned as I took him again and again and again.

I could have pleasured him forever. I loved the feeling of his hands tangled in my hair, occasionally pressing my head down to envelope him more than I was completely comfortable doing. When I’d softly gag, he’d groan, “Good girl.” He’d give me a few safe strokes to recover before pushing me down too far again. I’d known a few guys who had the throat-choke fetish. Dan was pretty tame in comparison, and I didn’t mind him enjoying his mastery. I knew if I asked him to stop, he would.
I didn’t want him to stop. 

I varied the speed of my work, getting him to where he continuously moaned and then slowing to prolong the experience. I hadn’t noted much when it came to body heat among us dead, but Dan felt very hot in my mouth. Hot and hard and smooth and wonderful. 

And alive. It’s true that sex is one of the most life-affirming of acts. I certainly felt I still belonged to the mortal coil right now. No wonder the dead were so enthralled with getting laid as much as they could.

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