Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 5: Alien Slave

He chuckled at her sally and engulfed her in one of those stomach-warming kisses again. Dani ran her hands all over him, delighting in the lithe, well-defined physique while sucking on his rough textured tongue. She rubbed against his cocks, making him groan.

Krijero let her explore his smooth body for a few blissful minutes, his breathing growing louder and faster as she moved against him. Dani felt compelled to memorize him with tongue, hands, her entire body. The Imdiko’s thighs became wet with her juices as she slid over them.

He might have been the gentlest of his clan, but Krijero still had the Kalquorian alpha mindset, which he finally gave in to. Dani suddenly found her wrists pinned behind her back by one big hand, and he leaned back to separate their torsos, which she’d been trying to meld together.

“Krijero,” she whined. “What are you doing?”

He didn’t answer. Instead he spread his thighs a little. She straddled him, so his move opened her wide. She caught her breath when his fingers began stroking her nether lips. A low groan seemed to come from the depths of her soul.

“Remember we must be quiet,” Krijero warned. He then went to work tormenting her, his fingers dancing over her tender flesh. He spread her honey all over, wetting her anus and clit. 

Dani writhed as he touched her, biting her lips against the pleased little cries that wanted to come out. His clever touch drew sparks from her body so bright she thought it might light up the night.

Much like how she’d mapped his body by touch, he did the same with her womanhood. As if committing her to memory, Krijero explored the folds of her sacred flesh, starting from her outer lips and working in until he circled the rim of her orifice. The almost ticklish sensations of his minute investigation had Dani squirming uncontrollably. 

Two fingers entered her. Dani shuddered violently at the penetration. Krijero thrust in and out slowly, searching the walls of her sheath with gentle pressure as he worked her. Suddenly he found the nest of nerves that felt best. Quivering heat blasted through Dani’s belly, and her jaws snapped shut with an audible click to keep a cry from ringing into the night. Her body went rigid.

“That’s a good spot,” Krijero chuckled, his voice low with satisfaction. His fingers withdrew to the tips then thrust in again, pressing harder against that eager flesh.

Dani moaned deep in her throat as her sex swelled with pleasure. Her sheath flexed in a slow roll.

She whimpered a protest when the Imdiko pulled free of her clutching sleeve. He didn’t acknowledge her, his fingers slipping back to tease her anus instead.

Dani made herself relax so Krijero could easily penetrate the tight orifice. He was gentle with her, taking the time to stretch the reluctant flesh, readying her for his dual invasion. Truth be told, anal play with the Kalquorians felt good. The pleasure started as a quiet echo of the G-spot stimulation, building gradually as he spread her wider. Dani let the growing arousal take her over. She made little movements up and down over the questing digit, making it feel better and better. She thought she might actually be able to climax from anal penetration alone. The realization excited her.

Krijero pressed a second finger into her, and glorious bliss suffused her. It did feel as good as G-spot stimulation, bringing that swelling feeling into her lower parts again, growing from easy pleasure to heady arousal to excruciating need. Dani fought to drive herself over those talented fingers, to bring the explosion that wanted to come. Her legs splayed so wide apart, she could only twitch and grind the least little bit.

She keened between clenched teeth. “Please, Krijero?”

“Faster or harder?”


“Can you come quietly?”

“I promise … please…”

His fingers dove in and out, his palm thudding quietly against her pussy as he worked her. The pressure in her loins burgeoned, expanding beyond her ability to hold together. Ecstasy burst through her, turning the black night into the blinding center of the sun. Climax poured through her, a molten river of bliss. She jerked in Krijero’s firm grip, tears streaming down her cheeks as she fought not to scream.

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