Friday, January 2, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 4: Alien Slave

The Kalquorians tested Lindsey’s resolve to remain submissive to their demands.  Their attentions drowned out her fears. Calloused fingers pinched her nipples until she shuddered against the mingled pleasure and pain. The thick digits pressed into her sex and anus, probing and stretching the pliant passages. When Vax’s thumb brushed the slick button of raw nerve-endings, Lindsey jerked. The stab of pleasure overwhelmed her senses.

“Please,” she moaned, eager for more.

Japohn’s hand smacked hard against her buttocks once, twice, three times. “Silence!” he hissed. 

Lindsey’s hungry sex clenched around Vax’s fingers as the warmth of the blows penetrated deep in her flesh. Her sleeve flexed in a slow, small climax that offered little relief. She panted as the Imdiko’s fingers stilled.

“We no say pleasure. Wait permission,” Vax warned. When she peeked up through the hair keeping her face hidden, she saw his normally gentle face was almost as severe as Bacoj’s.

“You pleasure, Lindsey?” Bacoj demanded. 

“Just a little one. I’m sorry,” she whimpered. 

She’d never felt less sorry in her life.

Bacoj grasped her chin and lifted so Lindsey faced him. The instant before she cast her eyes downward, she saw the pleased expression he wore. It made her feel good.

Pleased or not, his deep voice held only the steel of command. “You control body. We tell you when pleasure comes.”

Silence spun out for a moment, finally broken by Japohn’s voice behind her. “You say, yes Dramok.”

“Yes, Dramok.”

Bacoj released her chin, and she dipped her head again. The men resumed their clandestine explorations. Lindsey bore it silently, though she wanted to scream her longing for them to take her, to bury their thick appendages deep in her hungry body.

At last Bacoj stood, peeling his formsuit down his delicious body as he loomed over her like a great tree. Lindsey suddenly found his twin sexes only inches from her face.  The scent, so much like cinnamon, hung heavy in the air. His hand gripped the larger of the two penises.

“Open mouth, slave.”

A bolt of pure ecstasy struck Lindsey’s nether regions and she gushed fresh wetness over Vax’s fingers. The Imdiko emitted gruff laughter. “She like,” he informed Bacoj.

Bacoj buried the fingers of his other hand in her hair, pulling her parted lips to his hard length. He slowly slid into her accepting mouth.

The spicy-sweet flavor of his lubrication coated her tongue, delighting her. Bacoj tasted scrumptious. Lindsey moaned as he gradually filled her mouth. His stave was hot, and she felt his pulse on the underside of his thickness. She rubbed her tongue against the throb, eager for more of his juices. She swallowed against the delightful intruder. He groaned.

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