Wednesday, December 31, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Cissy wondered if a trio like Clan Diltan ever cut loose and had real fun. It was hard to imagine Diltan or his bookish-looking Imdiko attending a lemanthev concert. Rolat probably would like that sort of thing. Or maybe his clanmates had drained all the hedonism out of the big burly beast.
                And why for heaven’s sake was she thinking about Clan Diltan so much?
                They were not on Cissy’s list of potential suitors, at least not that she’d seen. Then again, she hadn’t looked at her prospects in about the last month either. Had Clan Diltan joined the lottery since that time? If they’d been there before, Cissy knew for a fact they weren’t on the first screen that held her most compatible choices.
                What the hell, even her compatibility score was a joke. The lottery questionnaire had been an hours-long task, one Cissy hadn’t taken seriously for an instant. When Tasha discovered Cissy was posting sarcastic answers, she’d taken over her unrepentant twin’s profile. There was no telling what responsible Tasha had written about Cissy.
                No doubt Tasha would have done her best to represent Cissy in a positive light, one that would attract the best possible clan. Cissy told herself it was for the same reason that she was interested in Clan Diltan on Tasha’s behalf. Her twin deserved mates who were successful and could funnel some of their prestige and money into Tasha’s dreams for the future. Surely a councilman, judge, and head of an entire governmental department made that cut.

Tentatively scheduled for February release.

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