Wednesday, December 24, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Needing caffeine to improve her mood, Cissy set about bouncing on Tasha’s bed. “Wakie, wakie!  Rise and shine, give the world your glow, you precious sunbeam!”
                “Bitch,” the mound under the covers muttered. It curled into a tight ball. 
                Cissy stopped bouncing. “I brought coffee.”
                Tasha sat up and reached her hand out with her eyes still closed. “Give me.”
                Cissy laughed and handed the goods over, careful to not slop hot java. Tasha woke in as good a mood as her sister did. And looks twice as bad, Cissy thought to herself, hoping it was true but suspecting otherwise. Tasha’s perfect coif from the night before was now a snarled bird’s nest, sticking up all over the place. Cissy put her hands to her own head to check and see how her mane had fared after the night.
                Nope. Her tangles felt as if they were much worse than Tasha’s. Cissy patted at the mess in a vain attempt to calm it before reaching for her cup of coffee.
                Tasha didn’t start drinking right away. As always, she inhaled the steam rising from her cup with pleasure before taking that first glorious sip. She grimaced happily and her eyes finally slitted open. “You may return in an hour, and only then if you bring more.”
                Cissy crossed her legs in a lotus position, getting comfortable on her sister’s bed. “Forget it.  I’m dying to hear about your date last night.”
                Tasha’s eyes  opened a little more, her interest piqued. “Why?  Was yours that boring?”
                Cissy waved a dismissive hand. “No, we had a good time.  Lemanthev concerts don’t allow for much conversation, though.  I can’t say I really got to know the clan I was with, but I do like the raw energy of that tribal-sounding stuff. I went more for the music than the company, in all honesty. So, that’s about it from me.  What about that Clan Diltan?  Were they as stuffy and boring as they looked?”
                Actually, none of the three men had looked stuffy to Cissy’s eyes, not even Diltan. Nor boring. In particular, the Nobek had caught Cissy’s attention. Rolat had been an amazing eyeful of rough and ready. Big, bold, and delicious, Cissy had entertained the fantasy of grabbing him by the wonderfully muscled arm and dragging him to her bed. So what if he wasn’t the gorgeous equal of his Dramok? Cissy found such men much more fascinating to look at than the conventionally handsome ones.
                Not that Diltan was conventionally handsome. He was gorgeous, damn the man. Someone needed to break his nose, just to steal some of that perfection away. Cissy thought that if he ever asked for volunteers, she’d be glad to offer her services.
                Even quiet Wal had not committed the sin of being one-dimensionally pleasing to the eye. He was quietly attractive, just nice enough to pass the gaze over. However, there had been the flash of a grin once, before the three men had seen Cissy in the pool – and then he’d been quite stunning, in an intelligent, sweetly nerdy way.
                As Cissy mused about her sister’s dates, Tasha said, “They were okay.  I don’t think we really connected, but they were nice enough.”
                Trying to sound unconcerned and believing she was pulling it off, Cissy asked, “Do you think you’ll see them again?”
                Tasha shrugged. She took a deep swallow of her coffee before answering. “I don’t know.  They aren’t bad, but ... I don’t know.  I might give it another shot.  They all have that rank and status these Kalquorians are so crazy to show off.”
                “That’s true.” A councilman, the director of the Empire’s prison system, and a judge. Rank out the wazoo, Cissy thought. If Tasha joined Clan Diltan, she’d never want for anything. If they could make her sister happy, Cissy would even try to be nice to the Dramok on holidays and special occasions.
                Thinking this, she told her twin, “You never know, Tash.  They might be your happily-ever-after.”

Tentatively scheduled for release in February.

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