Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Diltan poured them all another round of bohut, which he was glad Tasha liked to drink. He felt this initial appointment with Tasha was going well. The slight sense of boredom he felt he thought best to chalk up to the painful necessity of getting to know someone for the first time.
                She certainly had good breeding written all over her. Quiet and polite, she was as well-mannered as Diltan could hope for in a potential mate. Tasha was nothing like her too-bold sister, thank the ancestors.
                Once more Diltan was forced to wonder how two women, raised side by side since birth, could be so monumentally different. He also wondered how outrageously Cissy would have behaved had it been her they’d brought to the restaurant. What would she have replaced that scandalous little soaksuit with for a night out?
                Every time Diltan saw Cissy, she was wearing something utterly inappropriate. First had been the casual and mannish outfit she’d come to Kalquor in. Then all that flesh this evening!
                But he couldn’t think about that, not when remembering all that luscious flesh got him as hard as a hormonally-charged youngling. That Cissy had such an effect on him irritated Diltan to no end.
                So she’s wonderful to look at. What of it? Doesn’t that mean Tasha will be every bit as enticing when she isn’t covered so modestly?  This is the perfect one; the one who looks so classy in public and hopefully erotic in private.
                Yet no matter how hard he tried, Diltan simply couldn’t imagine Tasha naked. Every time he tried, he saw Cissy in that  soaksuit with that handprint on her smooth flank and ball-cutting smile on her face.
                Diltan was sure Tasha was witty and strong in her own right. She had to be ... surely all that liveliness Cissy exhibited had to be present in Tasha as well. Right?
                Yet his date didn’t strike him as particularly daring. There was more than just a hint of caution to Tasha, almost as if she’d erected some invisible barrier between herself and Diltan’s clan. She might have the same face as Cissy, but Diltan couldn’t visualize her with any of her sister’s exuberance or daring.
                Diltan mentally shook his head at himself. What did it matter if Tasha was so proper? That was what he wanted anyway. He did not want to clan an outrageous Matara who was going to balk him at every turn. Certainly he did not want a lifemate who threatened to rip his dicks off.

Tentatively scheduled for release in February.


  1. Cissy is exactly what Clan Diltan needs. Can't wait for this one.

  2. After the last couple of posts, I'm starting to feel sorry for Tasha. Poor thing is being compared to her sister and is coming up flat.