Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Being in the company of this lovely was a chance that could not be allowed to pass them by. Yet Rolat’s thoughts kept roaming to the lookalike sister, the one who had actually threatened to turn the Nobek and his clanmates into women if they didn’t treat Tasha with respect. Remembering that almost made Rolat laugh out loud right there and then. He contained his amusement with great difficulty.
                If only Tasha would show more of that spirit instead of the quiet politeness she’d worn all evening! Rolat wanted to wonder if his dinner companion would be exciting in bed ... but instead, he wondered that about Cissy. By the ancestors, he could already imagine her naked after seeing her in that barely-there soaksuit. The fantasy of that body beneath his, perhaps struggling against him in an effort to be on top ... his mouth went dry and his cocks swelled. Rolat was quite sure Cissy might try to fight him for superior position. The thrill of gaining the surrender of such a woman was simply too enticing to dismiss easily. Pinning Cissy down, her bountiful breasts heaving with effort, her eyes wide as she realized she had no choice but to be dominated by him—
                Diltan’s none-too-gentle kick to his ankle beneath the table brought Rolat out of his fantasy. The Nobek was abruptly aware that his Dramok, Wal, and Tasha were all looking at him. Tasha’s smile was expectant, not that challenging smirk Cissy had worn. She must have asked him one of her many questions, he thought.
                Rolat cleared his throat, his face heating with embarrassment. “Please excuse me, Matara.  I’m afraid Wal bored me to the point that I tuned out.  I’ve heard all his stories, you see.”
                The Imdiko scowled at him. “That’s right, Rolat.  Show her what a jerk you are.”
                The Nobek gave Wal a slow wink to placate his sensitive clanmate. Wal snorted, but the crease between his brows eased, letting Rolat know the slight was forgiven.
                Rolat couldn’t resist teasing just a little. “If it makes you feel any better, you’re not half as boring as Diltan.”
                “Yes, I know.  No one is.” Wal’s smile was full of devilish delight as he joined in on the fun. The chance to dig at their Dramok was never one to be resisted by the Imdiko.

Tentatively scheduled for release February 2015

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