Friday, December 26, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Unholy Union

He pressed her back against the smooth tile, lifting and holding one of her thighs against his hip.  The tilt of her pelvis allowed him to plunge eagerly into her, and she closed her eyes and groaned at the delightful penetration.  Warm water pelted her face and shoulder.  Ash’s thick frame shielded her from the rest of the spray.

Elaine wrapped her arms around his neck and licked the rivulets of water that ran down his face like tears.  He groaned low in his throat, thrusting slow and hard into her accepting flesh.  She rose and fell against the wall, loving how his thickness filled her so completely, loving the strength that pinned her helpless and eager, loving how he overwhelmed her senses until all that remained in the whole world was the two of them, entrenched in the sweetness of their twined bodies.

Loving Ash.

Elaine didn’t question the sentiment, though it was much too strong for a man she’d met only days before.  For now, she allowed the devotion she felt to envelop her in its tender embrace and make their coupling that much sweeter.  If Elaine could have dissolved her physical existence and soaked into Ash’s skin so they might be completely joined, she would have done it.  She wished for nothing less but complete absorption in the man making love to her.  She’d never been so enthralled with another.

“You feel so good to me, Elaine,” Ash whispered in her ear.  “I wish this could never end.  I want our time together to be something you won’t regret no matter the outcome.”

“Nothing could make me sorry I’m with you,” she answered, gasping as her passion rose with his deep lunges.  “I’ll thank God to my dying day we met.”

He barked a sound that could have been a laugh or a sob.  He kissed her fiercely, and she wondered at the tremors of his body.

Ash withdrew from her, guiding her to lean over, propping her hands on the edge of the tub.  The puddle forming on the terracotta floor beneath Elaine’s dripping hair barely registered as he entered her from behind.  He gripped her hips, pulling her backwards to envelop his hard length.

Elaine let him dictate the pace of their lovemaking, her moans expressing her pleasure.  The shower spray cascaded against her back.  Ash’s groin slapped her buttocks with wet smacks that echoed in the tiled space.  Their breathing quickened, and he jerked her against his loins faster.

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