Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 2: Alien Rule

Egilka kissed her with slow tenderness, as if savoring a fine wine.  As his lips moved over hers, Jessica’s lower body tightened in anticipation.  His hands cupped the back of her head.  She wrapped her arms around him, feeling the hard muscles of his back.  She traced the line of his spine with her fingertips as his hands drifted down her neck, shoulders, and back.  His touch slid over the roundness of her buttocks and pulled her even closer to himself.

Egilka’s tongue slipped into her mouth.  He savored her so thoroughly she was left gasping.  She’d never expected gentleness from one of his kind.  

Egilka stepped back and tugged at her blouse, untucking it from her skirt.  Jessica raised her arms over her head, and he lifted the fabric from her.  She shivered, the brisk air chilling her.

“I’ll warm you, little sweet,” his voice soothed.  

Jessica sensed movement in the dark, heard small sounds as he undressed.  His arms came around her to wrap her in his embrace, and she snuggled into the heat of his bare skin.  His penises were hard against their bellies, sandwiched between their bodies.

Egilka returned to sipping kisses from her lips while his hands busied themselves with her bra clasp.  He set her breasts free, and the soft mounds flattened against the steel of his chest.

Jessica’s hands roamed everywhere she could reach, seeking to devour him with touch alone.  Egilka’s body was a delight, his hot skin smooth and corded with ropey muscle.  She couldn’t get enough of feeling his hard body against hers.

He kissed his way from her lips down her chin and throat.  He paused to lick the hollow between her collarbones, where her pulse thumped hard.  He continued down until he buried his face between her breasts.  He stayed there for a moment, rubbing his face against her softest flesh.

Egilka took one nipple between his lips and stroked his tongue over the erect button.  The light touch sent a violent spasm through Jessica’s body, and she jerked in response.  The Imdiko prince chuckled and held her tighter still.  He continued his slow tasting, letting his tongue run over her areola before engulfing the eager flesh in his mouth.

He suckled with excruciating slowness, leaving Jessica moaning low in her throat.  Her sex pumped honey to soak her panties, and her scent rose in the night air.  Egilka growled but continued to maul her in the same methodical fashion.

Only when he’d experienced the one breast to his complete satisfaction did he move to the other.  Once more, he took his time, as if he’d never know the softness of a woman again.  He was like a condemned man and Jessica was his last meal.  

As he fed at her breast, Jessica buried her hands in his bound hair, running her fingers against his scalp.  Unlike the smooth, sleek feel of his clanmates’ hair, Egilka’s was coarse, snarling around her fingers as if intent on capturing her.  His hair was as rough as his hands and mouth were gentle.  She closed her hands around his skull and pulled him closer, mashing his face against her chest.  He responded by sucking her pliant breast deep into his mouth.  Jessica’s head fell back, and she sighed her pleasure to the three moons hanging over the trees.

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