Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 1: Alien Embrace

Flencik lowered Amelia onto the lounger.  His mouth descended to suck on one sweatshirt-covered nipple, sending warm sparkles through her.  The heat of his mouth seemed to lick throughout her entire body, and he worked the stiffening tip with enthusiasm, making Amelia squirm beneath the luscious attack. 

As he moved his voracious maw to her other breast, she felt the trickle of her sex coming alive, as if it sent her melting insides down her thighs.  “Anything,” she whispered, unaware she’d spoken aloud.  

She shivered as the Imdiko nipped at her breast with bared teeth.  The sting only fed her swelling arousal. Amelia raised her arms in unspoken surrender, wanting more of the sweet pain-pleasure.  Flencik obliged her by pulling her shirt off to nuzzle at the soft mounds of flesh.  He suckled hard as if he’d devour them whole.  Amelia moaned as he feasted.

The massive alien moved farther down, kissing the soft flesh of her belly, licking the cup of her navel with his cat-scratchy tongue.  She sighed and giggled, at once turned on and tickled by his touches.  The laughter ended as his mouth latched onto the fabric over her crotch.  He ran his tongue over the seam of her sweatpants, teasing the swollen bud that ached to be naked to his attention.

“Wet,” Flencik grunted, looking up at her face with half-lidded eyes.  “I wish taste to you deeply.  You need to me satisfy you.”

Oh yes, how she desired his mouth on bare, eager flesh.  “Please Flencik,” she moaned, forgetting right or wrong.  There was no judgment, no guilt for misdeeds.  Amelia only needed him the way he so obviously wanted her to.

The Imdiko’s smile turned almost cruel, and he stood.  His fingertips curled into the waistbands of her pants and panties.  He peeled them off her in one sweeping movement.

Flencik looked down at her, his broad chest moving with deep breaths.  Amelia lay still on the lounger, silently offering him her defenseless body.  His darkening eyes raked over her as he pulled his clothing off.  His two penises stood revealed, rigid and glistening with lubrication.  She ached to take him in her mouth, to fill her senses with his spicy-sweet flavor.  

“Anything?” he asked, his voice rough with need.

“Anything.”  Amelia’s heart pounded.  The offer she made scared her, but at the same time she was excited to gift him with whatever he desired.

Flencik grasped her ankles, pulling them apart, and kneeled between her spread thighs.  His head darted down with the speed of a striking rattlesnake, and he drank from her sex with her legs draped over his shoulders.

The feeling of the Imdiko’s avid mouth closing over her clitoris made Amelia’s back arch in reaction.  Dear heaven, the elation!  A burst of the purest pleasure shot from the tiny nub to fill her belly with molten ecstasy.  A tiny cry flew from her lips.  He sucked on the pink button, sending a violent shockwave throughout her body.  Amelia arched harder than ever, as if she could fold herself backwards.  Flencik’s tormenting left her helpless against the bucking of her pelvis.  Her breath sobbed through her parted lips as he fed from her womanhood.  His tongue probed, flicking in and out of her, stopping now and then to suck at her freely flowing moisture.  Then he battered her swollen clitoris with his wicked tongue again.  She gasped and moaned and cried out at the varying intensity of the contact.  Her stomach tumbled and churned with roiling passion that stole her very breath.

Amelia’s orgasm was rushing upon her when Flencik’s mouth left her pussy.  She whimpered in need, her hips thrusting shamelessly at his retreating face.  She needed to come.  

The Kalquorian’s cruel smile returned.  “We go now slow.”

Amelia wailed.  The release had been so close and Flencik had denied her.  She reached for him, and he swatted her hands away as if flicking a fly.  “Obey, Amelia.  I command you.  Be obedient for to your pleasure come.”

His face drifted towards her sex again, so she made herself quiet, enjoying the rush of anticipation.

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