Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                How could Cissy be truly related to Empress Jessica or her sister Lindsey? With that mouth, she was more suited to running a brothel!
                I am so glad we are courting the other girl. This one is simply too brazen. If I had to take such an outspoken woman to an official function where diplomacy is needed...
                Diltan shuddered at the idea. However, he could well appreciate how hilarious it would be for a few councilmen and ambassadors he didn’t like to get an earful from Cecilia Salter. That would be worth a little humiliation to hear.
                Cissy stopped in front of the next to last door in the corridor and thumbed the visitor announce. Before anyone answered, she called out. “Hey Tasha, your fun bunch is here for your date.  Have a good time. “ She turned away from the door and gave the three men a daring smile. “As for you, Clan Diltan ... don’t have too good a time with my sister, if you get my drift.”
                With that and a final look of warning, Cissy sashayed off to the last door in the hall. Just as she reached her quarters, the door in front of Diltan opened.
                Standing there with an expectant smile, Tasha looked more than presentable in a demure blouse and skirt ensemble. Her hair cascaded to her shoulders in perfect curls – not a hair out of place.
                Diltan was quick to bow, but noticed he was the only one doing so. A glance at his clanmates revealed they were still staring after Cissy, who was just disappearing into her own quarters.
                He spoke in a louder than usual voice to remind Rolat and Wal their attention was supposed to be on the other twin. “Good evening, Matara.  You look lovely.”
                Their expression still stunned, his Nobek and Imdiko realized their date stood there. They bowed quickly and somewhat clumsily to Tasha, murmuring greetings.
                His most pleasant smile plastered on his face, Diltan quickly made the introductions. As he did so, he did his best to see the pretty and more appropriate Salter sister standing before them. However, it was the image of the other, nearly-naked twin that seemed to be seared on his retina.

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  1. Oh, this one is going to be soooo good and like Mintral I can t wait.