Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Wake Up Call - First Mataras: Michaela (M/I/M/M)

Korkla groaned as his groin met Michaela’s “Oh, Mother of All. Is this woman truly ours, my clan? Because I cannot believe I am not dreaming.”

Govi chuckled, glancing to take in the astounding sight of Korkla buried to the hilt inside Michaela while Raxtad’s head bobbed slowly up and down over her cock. “If it is a dream, then I beg you to not wake me up, my Dramok.”

Michaela whimpered, beyond words as the men loved her. The feeling of Korkla inside her, of Raxstad’s lips and tongue on her, of Govi’s arms surrounding her was sheer paradise. Maybe it was she who dreamed.

Korkla swung his hips back, emptying Michaela’s grasping channels with gratifying slowness. The friction brought every hair on her body to attention, and she cried out as that pleasure merged with the ticklish excitement of what Raxstad did to her. A feverish roiling filled her gut, making her kick at the air. Govi chuckled and kissed his way down to her breasts. He accepted the invitation of her pert nipples to suck and lick. More electric bliss poured through Michaela until she thought she might go mad from sheer enjoyment.

Korkla withdrew until only the tips of his cocks remained inside her. Then he slid back in, rubbing sensitive spots inside Michaela she didn’t know existed. She writhed in sinuous glee, her dancer’s body learning new contortions as the Dramok drummed steadily against her. Michaela saw his bright stare over Govi’s head, saw him watching her as she moaned her growing pleasure. His lips were wet and parted, his eyes heavily lidded as he fucked her.

Michaela felt her body flush. Her scrotum drew up tight, poignant rapture boiling within. It felt as if the entirety of her loins gathered, drawing to a single, sharp point. Something inside kicked hard. Then a ribbon of delight unfurled, springing from her balls to fill her cock. The climax hit so fast and so hard, she had no time to warn them.

Molten cum burst from her shaft, spurting hard into Raxstad’s mouth. The Nobek made an eager sound. He sucked hard, as if to claim even the most reluctant droplets of Michaela’s seed. She screamed as her cock exploded, her stomach knotting against the brutal climax.

Michaela had never experienced such an intense orgasm. However, she had only gotten the tip of the iceberg.

Korkla’s thrusts came fast and hard, igniting fires deep inside Michaela’s pussy. Her sheath spasmed against his thudding length, flexing as it readied to join with its male counterpart in ecstasy. Korkla grasped her clit, rubbing gently.

Still in the throes of her masculine release, Michaela’s body exploded anew. Raw intensity detonated from deep within, shattering her senses. All was heaving, sumptuous carnage for a too-short eternity.
The throbs of delicious release ebbed just in time for Michaela to hear Korkla’s shout of completion. His cocks jolted within her, setting off another round of fireworks, though softer and sweeter than before. 

Michaela sobbed without care. Korkla’s climax was the final proof of his desire for her.

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  1. So, in the book it says Clan Korkla was an arranged clanning. I always assumed arranged clannings were for high ranking families (like Clajak and Egilka) and Mataras. So, I wanted to know the background for the arranged clanning of Clan Korkla (especially as Korkla is younger than his Nobek and Imdiko) when there were passages that implied others thought Clan Korkla was not of sufficent ranking to warrant clanning Michaela.

    1. I should have said, I'm interested in knowing the background.

    2. 'High ranking' is relative to those discussing the matter. Korkla's clan are no slouches when it comes to rank, but Korkla is no councilman or governor. Raxstad has elected to remain an officer in GS rather than be promoted. There are those who would look down on them, men like Pwaldur and other councilmen...particularly when it comes to gaining the much desired Michaela.

      With Imdikos being somewhat rare, many members of that breed do enter in arranged clannings. It is no surprise Govi would have been part of such. And any parent clan can elect to arrange their underage childrens' matches, no matter their social standing.

      Clan Korkla will eventually get their Beginnings book, which will center more on how they became a clan.