Friday, November 28, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions (WIP)

                With no warning, Diltan pressed two fingers inside Cissy. His thumb brushed her clit. Her body resounded, like a gong that had been struck. She arched with cry as he filled her. At the same time, she slammed her splayed hands against his chest, trying to fend him off. It was too much sensation, bringing her right up to the edge of destruction.
                “Hold her,” the Dramok commanded.
                Wal’s arms circled Cissy from behind, pinning her to his chest. Rolat grabbed her wrists and easily held them, stopping her desperate shoves against Diltan.
                The clan’s leader pushed Cissy’s skirt up, exposing her mound. “There you are,” he breathed, his mouth curling in a happy smile. “What a lovely pussy, Matara. And a greedy one, too. I do believe she’s trying to yank my fingers off my hand.”
                “Careful, my Dramok,” Rolat chuckled.
                Diltan arched a brow at the gasping Cissy. “Now my rebellious beauty, if you take my fingers away I won’t be able to do this to you.”
                The two digits buried inside her curled. Diltan pulled them outward, dragging his fingertips hard along the front of her sheath. The friction was an electrical jolt to Cissy’s system. Her hair fairly stood on end as a shockwave rumbled through her body.
                She uttered a strangled cry, her insides heaving with near-cataclysm. Just like that, Diltan had her on the verge of orgasm again.
                Wal’s voice teased her ear. “She’s a wild one, all right.”
                “Indeed,” Diltan agreed. “I think there is only one way to tame a woman like this. Positive reinforcement.”
                With that, he pumped her pussy with those wicked fingers. His thumb stroked her clit.
                With the second thrust into her sheath, Cissy detonated. Her head jerked back against Wal’s shoulder as a mighty force broke loose inside her guts. She screamed as that force heaved, as if it was a physical entity fighting to escape her body.
                “Good girl. Do you have another for me?”
                The brute teasing the monster inside her continued to fuck her, his fingers pounding hard against her, just the way she liked to be taken. The ravening desire drew in on itself for a moment before tearing through her once more. Cissy bucked against the men holding her, wild with release. They held her immobile, forcing her to accept climax so intense that it was almost painful.

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  1. im hot and bothered and hubby is deployed...thanks ALOT Tracy.