Friday, November 14, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire (M/M)

Rajhir tormented him in the most delightful ways.  One moment he would stroke with the lightest of feather touches, raising the hair on Flencik’s body.  The Dramok’s lips would whisper over a corded thigh muscle, the bunched abdomen, the weeping cockhead.  His tongue drew delicate lines on Flencik’s skin.

Then would come a sharp slap to redden flesh and nipping teeth that sent darts of exquisite pain wherever they landed.  The heat of agony would pulse and join with the more demanding lust taking over Flencik’s body, swirling to make a heady stew of desire.

When he could summon lucid thought, Flencik recognized how the night before, when they had lain together in pleasure, Rajhir had taken careful note of all the things that aroused the Imdiko.  He must have to play him so well.  His lovemaking tormented Flencik in the most heady, wonderful ways.

The Imdiko’s cocks were swollen, jutted straight up as if to accuse the deepening night.  He clutched handfuls of the silvery-purple grasses, fighting to remain still beneath Rajhir’s hands and mouth.  His body shook with the effort.

Rajhir paused, kneeling upright between Flencik’s spread legs.  He looked over the gasping Imdiko with the air of ownership, his lovely mouth curled in a satisfied smile.  Rajhir grasped his primary prick and moved his hand up and down.  The Dramok was so hard, his cocks curled up against his abdomen.  His eyelids fluttered and he groaned with the pleasure of his own touch.

Flencik whimpered, wanting it to be his hands that put that look on the Dramok’s face.  Rajhir’s smile grew at the sound.

“You look gorgeous, lying there, waiting for me to fuck you,” he whispered.  “Shaking like a leaf, want in your eyes, moaning to be taken.”

“Please, Rajhir.”

“Oh yes, my big, beautiful man.  And since you can’t come until your lover does, I am going to put my cock in you right now.  Roll over and stick that wonderful ass in the air.”

A surge of lust poured into Flencik’s cocks.  He sobbed with need as he obeyed Rajhir’s order, pillowing his face against his crossed arms.

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