Friday, October 31, 2014

Weekend Wakeup Call - First Mataras: Michaela

Even if Korkla had not tied her down, Michaela would have been pinned helpless by his stare. Seeing him looming over her, so profoundly in control, made her soft and accepting. There was nothing she could do to keep him from taking what he wanted from her. There was nothing she wanted to do to keep him from taking all that he desired of her.

The Dramok took his cocks in hand. Still staring into her face, his hips lowered, bringing his sexes towards hers. She felt her body strain towards his, eager for the impaling. Her cock, so recently emptied, was hard again and nearing yet another climax. Her entire being prepared for release.

The tapered tips of her lover’s pricks nudged at her pussy and ass. They found their sanctuaries and nestled there, an anticipatory pause before taking their rightful shelters. Then they drove inside, slowly but steadily and with no hesitation. 

Michaela arched as Korkla pressed in, interlocking their bodies in one smooth thrust. He did not wait once he had embedded himself within her. He took her as if by divine right, as if her body existed purely to give him the pleasure he craved.

Yet it was not a selfish possession. Even as his hips pumped back and forth, fucking her in increasingly quick thrusts, his firm grip closed on her cock. Again he saw to her needs, even as he sated his own.

Michaela sobbed in delighted abandon as he filled her over and over. The fullness of double penetration, the amazing friction against her pussy’s hotspot, the rhythmic contact between her clit and Korkla’s groin, the constant pulling on her prick ... all these sensations combined into a frenzied rapture of fire that banked higher and higher. Her gasped cries seemed to incite Korkla to move with more force and speed. She burned and blistered and at last ignited. Had she been able to think coherently, Michaela would have expected to see sparks flying from the tips of her toes.

While she boiled under the inferno of Korkla’s lovemaking, she saw the Dramok’s mouth open wide. His fangs unhinged, and then there was a blur of motion. The bite on the side of her neck came so swiftly that Michaela never registered pain.

He screamed against her throat, his cocks still battering inside her as his body shuddered. Michaela convulsed with orgasm, her pussy and cock both spasming with excruciating delight. Even when the last of her seed had exited, her prick continued to jerk between her and Korkla’s bellies.

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