Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue

Without looking away from her, Vendeen opened the drawer of the small table next to his chair.  He withdrew a cord of braided golden thread.  “Turn around.  Put your arms behind your back.”

Raven whirled smartly, placing her wrists just above her buttocks.  With quick, economical movements, Vendeen tied her hands behind her, running a finger between the cord and her skin to make sure her circulation wasn’t cut off.  Apparently satisfied, he said, “Face me and kneel.”

Raven obeyed, her heart picking up its pace at her vulnerable position between Vendeen’s legs.  He rummaged in the drawer once more and drew out two tiny gold metal rings.  Raven frowned, wondering what they were for.

Vendeen leaned forward to fill his mouth with one of her breasts.  Raven arched at the warm wetness on her flesh and the velvety stroke of his tongue.  He sucked hard, his tongue whipping over the peak of her nipple, drawing it tight and hard in reaction.  Wetness ran down her inner thighs at the delightful sensation.

Vendeen slowly drew back, still sucking to pull her breast taut as he gave up his hold a little at a time.  When he finally released the nipple, it blushed a deep rose and jutted eagerly.  With an appreciative chuckle, he slid one of the gold rings over the nub.

Raven looked at the decoration with bemusement.  If she didn’t know better, she would have said she felt a tightening sensation, as if the ring was conforming to the size of her nipple.

Before she could think anymore about it, Vendeen’s voracious mouth seized the other breast.  Once more, his tongue rubbed to make a rigid peak form, and he sucked hard before letting it go.  The other ring went on and this time Raven knew she felt it draw tight.

How could a metal ring do that?

Vendeen’s mocking half-grin drew her attention.  “I have mentioned I enjoy dishing out a little cruelty?”

“Mentioned and demonstrated.”  His expression worried and aroused Raven at once.  No wonder Todd had so rarely satisfied her.  She had some seriously kinky leanings.

Vendeen said, “You respond to pain.  Look into my eyes, Raven, and keep your gaze there.  Rings, tighten slowly.”

They did so as Raven stared into the black circles of her master’s eyes.  She gasped softly as the firming grip sent shivers of pleasure from her breasts to her clit.  It only took a few seconds for the agreeable sensation to become an ache, however.  She shuddered and moaned.  Okay, it was definitely not comfortable now.  

“Vendeen?” she gasped.

“A little more.  Show me how much you wish to obey my pleasures.”  His wicked smile grew.

Her nipples definitely throbbed now.  The first stab of pain dug a spike into one peak and then the other.  Raven cried out, her arms jerking against the braided cord imprisoning them behind her back.  More splinters of hot agony, and she struggled against her bounds.

“Rings, halt tightening.  Ice.”

The pressure immediately stopped growing, but cold blasted through Raven’s breasts, adding to the hurt.  She couldn’t help but struggle to free her hands and she groaned with torment.  Her vision blurred with tears from the poignant pain.  She saw how Vendeen’s eyes widened as he watched her defy him by trying to escape her bonds even as she obeyed by staring into his eyes and remained kneeling at his feet.

He nodded.  “Some day you will accept my entire will as your own, but for now I am pleased.  This is a very good start.”

Vendeen’s approval reached Raven through the roar in her ears.  Even as her breasts bitterly complained, the pit of her stomach warmed.  He was pleased with her.  She didn’t want to like it, but she did.

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