Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Sister Katherine

At last Simdow released her breast from his voracious attention.  She felt her pulse thud in the swollen, engorged tip.  Her nipple had turned scarlet during its capture.

She only noted this for a moment, because Simdow’s dark gaze captured hers.  A bestial smile twitched his lips as she stared at him.

“My lovely Katherine,” he breathed.  “I enjoy your attempts to fight me off.  I like that I excite you so much that you try to make me stop.  I give you leave to continue.  Be as ferocious as you like, all the while knowing I will take all you have to offer.  You cannot deny me.”

With that, he bent to the other breast.

As he tormented her with a rapture that made her alternatively beg for more and struggle to make him stop, Simdow’s hand crept between her legs.  He moaned to discover her so soaked that the linens beneath her had gone damp.  The feeling of his fingers probing her folds and teasing her clitoris added to the cacophony of rampant elation coursing through her body. 

“Too much,” she wailed, even as she writhed in an attempt to get him to rub her sex harder.

“I haven’t even begun,” he answered.

As if to prove his point, he slid a finger inside her.  Katherine went absolutely still.  She stared at him with wide eyes as her shocked mind dealt with the invasion.  It wasn’t the flesh she’d worried over since being taken captive, but she’d been intruded upon just the same.

Simdow watched her carefully, slipping nearly all the way back out.  Then his finger filled her again, going all the way in.  The strangeness of feeling a trespasser brought Katherine some way out of her earlier rapture.  It didn’t feel terrible.  Her sleeve even clutched at Simdow’s finger, as if it would pull him farther inside her.  She wasn’t sure what to make of this joining.

Still keeping an eye on her, Simdow lowered his face to gently kiss one flushed breast.  His finger remained imbedded and his palm brushed her swollen nub, drawing circles over it.

Bliss returned in a rush.  Katherine’s honey gushed over Simdow’s hand as a moan escaped her lips.  The confusing oddness faded, allowing euphoria to return her into its seductive embrace.

Simdow’s finger moved in and out, his palm continuing to rub delightfully over her straining clitoris each time he penetrated fully.  His lips sipped delicate kisses from her nipples, sending more darts of mind-uncoupling pleasure to her hearth.  Katherine became gradually aware that her hips moved of their own accord, rising and falling to increase the friction that smoldered.

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