Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WIP Wednesday – First Mataras: Michaela

Raxstad frowned.  He wasn’t buying the excuse.  Michaela had been angry the night before, and he felt her unhappiness was perfectly justified.  They should have fucked her.  She’d wanted it.

Okay, so she had some issues with her desirability, and the Nobek was willing to admit he wasn’t on solid ground where that was concerned.  In the first place, he couldn’t figure out why Michaela didn’t understand her own allure.  How could she not know she was the most astounding person he’d ever met?  Hadn’t he and his clan told her?  Hadn’t he been up front about how damned excited she got him?  Hadn’t he fought with Govi in front of her about how much he wanted her?  So Michaela should have figured out she was all Raxstad wanted in a Matara clanmate.  He couldn’t have been more plain about it if he’d painted it on the side of Israla’s mansion in giant letters.

Korkla had left messages on her room’s com unit.  Four messages.  Four fucking messages, and Michaela had yet to answer any.  Was the little Earther pouting or was she truly mad?

Either way, she was being hard to get along with, though that did nothing to cool Raxstad’s ardor for her.  Funny enough, he found her flashes of temper every bit as arousing as when Michaela was in a sweeter frame of mind.  He imagined fucking her while she beat her tiny fists against his chest and shouted profanity at him.  Better still if she clawed at him with her long fingernails.  The Nobek liked it rough, and he had an idea Michaela could deliver plenty of the more physical kind of fucking he preferred.

His cocks jerked at the idea.  By the ancestors, Raxstad wanted Michaela with near desperation.  He wished Govi would pronounce her stable enough for him to bring the intersex to screaming pleasure.  If his Imdiko would simply relent enough for Raxstad to prove to his enticing boy-woman how much he revered her!

No release date set.

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