Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – The Font

            “You’re cruel,” she gasped.  “Terribly, terribly cruel.”
            “No, my sweetling.  I haven’t yet begun to be cruel.”
            With that, his mouth closed over her clitoris.  He sucked it deep into his mouth, and his teeth gently trapped its shaft.  Elisha’s tongue whipped over and over the engorged nub, and Naya thought her guts might flip inside out from the thunderbolt of agonized bliss that seized her.
            “Elisha!” she strangle-screamed, her back bowing off the thick cushion of grass.  She was suddenly on the verge of cataclysm, her body straining for completion.  Elisha released her.
            “Oh,” Naya wailed, equal measures of disappointment and relief filling her as the excruciating pleasure receded.  “Why are you doing this to me?”
            “Because you need a man who will make love to you properly,” he growled.  He sounded almost feral as he spoke.  “You deserve someone who will see to your needs and fulfill your desires, one who cares as much for your pleasure as his own, if not more.”
            Elisha bent once more to her aching sex, visiting more delicious torture on her clit with lips, tongue, and teeth, making her insides seize right to the verge of losing all restraint.  Just as her control frayed, threatening to spill wondrous orgasm through her body, he stopped again. 
            “Elisha, please,” she sobbed, not sure what it was that she begged him for.
            “A little more, Naya,” he said.  She was sure she could hear the teasing smile in his voice.  “I like making you crazed with desire.  I like hearing you beg.”
            The dark orb of his head moved down once more, and Naya shrieked with mingled despair and anticipation.  “Elisha, don’t, please, you’re killing me—”
            His mouth was on her clit again, brutalizing her with passionate spikes of desire.  Her bottom jerked up and down, beating against the ground helplessly as Elisha made her take the luscious abuse.  She cursed him.
            “Oh Naya, Naya, Naya,” he laughed, leaving her poised on the edge of climax once more, refusing to let her descend into sweet dissolution.  “It is fun making you accept such wondrous agony.  I think I could do this all night.”
            “Please Elisha,” she wailed.  “Don’t be mean.”
            “I think you can beg me a little better than that.”
            Again he mouthed her until she could feel the sharp teeth of completion biting into her.  Again he stopped just as she began to crest.
            Naya screamed long and loud, making dogs in the distance bark in alarm.  She squirmed against Elisha’s implacable strength, desperate to gain contact, for that one last touch that would send her over into the abyss of delight.  He held her easily, denying her that final bit to release the swollen tension that billowed her womb.
            “What do you want of me?” she cried.  “What is it you want me to do?”
            “Lie still and accept my command over you.  Beg me with pretty words, but resign yourself to my whims.  Surrender completely to me, no matter how you wish otherwise.”
            Naya sobbed.  How could he expect her to simply submit to this torment, this terrible pleasuring as if it was his right?  She writhed, trying to impose her need on him, but she could not make him take her to fulfillment.
            Instead, he licked and sucked and nipped the tender flesh once more, again bringing her to the point where she thought she must orgasm, she would come whether he wanted her to or not.  But no, Elisha always knew just when to release the engorged nubbin, to leave her wanting and crying with desperation.
            “Obey me, Naya.  Make my will yours.”

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