Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 7: Alien Refuge

Hands seized her hips, pulling her butt up in the air and hauling her back towards the priest.  Something wet, hot, and hard pressed up against her anus, nudging it open.

Iris gasped and looked over her shoulder at Rivek.  “Is that – is that the bigger one?” she asked.

“The bigger what?” he countered, a half-smile playing over his lips.  

She was suddenly afraid of the word again, because she was afraid of what would happen if she spoke it.  But as Rivek’s brows drew down over his eyes, Iris was even more afraid of what might befall her if she didn’t say it.  The Imdiko had mentioned the word punish earlier.  

Iris didn’t want to be punished, at least not until she knew what that meant.

“Your cock.  Are you planning on putting your bigger cock in my ass?”  She whimpered the words, but felt absurdly pleased she’d been so descriptive.  Maybe that would grant her some leniency.

He gave her a proud smile, and some of the tightness in Iris’ chest loosened.  Even his words couldn’t destroy the sense of wellbeing his approval gave her.  “I most certainly am going to fuck your gorgeous ass, my little Iris.  You have been well stretched and prepared for it, and if you stay relaxed, you will enjoy it as much as I.”

“Oh.”  For a moment, Iris couldn’t think of anything else to say.  Still, that primary cock was very big, bigger than the other men’s secondary ones.  “I can still say stop if it’s too much?”

Rivek tilted his head.  His gaze was still predatory, but there was gentle consideration mixed in there too.  “Of course.  Only tell me, and everything halts.”

His hands were on the globes of her bottom, rubbing them, easing the tension.  Iris loved the feeling of him touching her.  Of making him happy with her.  The sight of his smile when she did something right probably meant more than it should, but she couldn’t escape wanting to make him and the other two men pleased with her.

Rivek sensed her compliance.  “Just relax.  Push out against me.”

She did as she was told and felt the fevered length of him slide in.  Her mouth dropped open.  It did feel good, especially as his smaller cock found her pussy and entered it too.  Was she really taking such a large man back there?  In her – ass?

The smaller cock nudged against the hot spot in her sleeve.  Iris groaned, barely noticing that her rear was beginning to ache pleasantly as Rivek widened closer to his base.  

“Keep pushing, my lovely,” the Imdiko urged.  “Don’t resist.”

“Look at that,” Ospar groaned.  “That is just gorgeous.”

Hands reached beneath her.  One from the Dramok’s side plucked gently at her nipples, making Iris shudder.  Tiny zaps of pleasure darted from his fingers to her gut, which was churning warmly from Rivek’s entrance.  The silent Jol added a jolt of ecstasy as his fingers found her clit and stroked.

Iris cried out at the blast of elation.  Her hips slammed back against Rivek as her sex clenched and her body instinctively moved to find even greater delight.

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