Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 6: Alien Redemption

Rachel lay gasping, her senses chaotic with need and denial.  Tears slid from the corners of her eyes.  She’d never known such delightful agony.  Part of her wanted to escape, but another part wanted to remain under the pair’s power as well, even if they continued to torment her.  The warring emotions confused her.  She wanted a moment to think the situation through.  Unfortunately, Erybet had no intention of giving her any time for contemplation.

“You are quite wet, Matara,” he said, his tone approving.  “Perhaps you are reluctant to give yourself over, but your body is eager for my command.  I think perhaps just a touch more convincing will make you accept my authority.”

He set the cylinder down.  His finger traced her swollen, sensitive pussy, and Rachel keened a wordless plea.  Something, anything, would feel good inside her right now.  She ached to be filled.  She ached to come.  Damn it, she just plain ached.

A fingertip settled over the entrance to her womanhood.  Erybet pushed inside, and she groaned to feel him enter her.  Her channel clutched at him, eager for the penetration.

The Dramok’s gaze flicked to his clanmate.  “Sletran, you should feel this.  It is the softest flesh I’ve even known, yielding so easily.  But it’s tight too.”

The Nobek growled deep in his throat.  The purely animal sound made Rachel shudder.

Erybet’s voice was nearly as feral.  “I will warm my cocks inside you very soon.  But first, you must yield yourself entirely to me.”

His words gave Rachel another flare of fear, but the intensity of her arousal pushed it back after a few strokes of his finger.  He rotated and probed, and Rachel jerked when he made contact with a spot that sent a cascade of sensation up her spine.

“There?”  He rubbed it again, and she whimpered her affirmation.  “Good to know.”

Erybet withdrew, again leaving Rachel too empty.  She squalled like an angry cat.  The men simply laughed, as if indulging a cranky child.

Erybet picked up the fake cock, nestling its tip against the opening of her pussy.  Rachel’s pulse picked up speed.  It was definitely thicker than his finger, though not as thick as what she really wanted.  Still, she was riled up enough that almost anything would do.

“You get this here for only a few moments,” Erybet said and pressed it in.

Rachel’s head fell back as the rigid toy filled her.  At the same time, Erybet’s fingers from his other hand, still slick with her juices, slid down her slit until they reached her back passage.  One wriggled against her, insistent.  Rachel made herself relax to allow him entry.

She sighed as the Dramok moved past the tight ring of muscles guarding against that most taboo of delights.  His finger gently probed, stretching her as he slowly pumped the fake dick in and out of her.  Rachel warbled her delight at the double penetration.

“Good, Matara.  Very good.  Stay relaxed.”

A second finger moved inside.  Rachel closed her eyes, shutting out all but sounds and sensations.  The sweet, slippery noises of penetration filled her ears, along with her quick breaths.  Her moans became continuous, in time with the slow pulses of Erybet working her flesh.

“You’re almost ready for us,” he said.

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