Friday, August 29, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: To Clan and Conquer (M/M/M)

Damn it, the two jerks might spend the entire night jabbering while he hung here suffering.  Knowing how peevish he sounded and not caring, Degorsk said to the wall, “I sure wish somebody would shut up and fuck me.”

There was the sound of muffled snickers.  Then Tranis sighed, “Well, he’s in capable hands.  I suppose I should go to my quarters and work with my own capable hands.  Thanks for the inspiration.”

“Why don’t you stay?” Lidon offered.

Degorsk’s breath caught.  Lidon was inviting Tranis to watch them fuck?  His dicks swelled harder still at the thought.  Things went very tight in his groin.  While being on display during discipline was not a thrill at all, an audience while he had sex was an entirely different matter.

Lidon was still talking.  “I’ve been wondering what I could stuff in his mouth to keep those stupid jokes from coming out while I enjoy his ass.  You’ll do fine.  If you’re so inclined?”

A growl trickled from the Dramok.  “I am very inclined.  Thank you for the offer.”

Pure erotic elation slammed through Degorsk.  Both of them.  He was getting both of them.  Every argument against getting involved with anyone, especially these two, dissolved in mindblowing anticipation.

He was too excited to even speak.  So when Lidon ordered the cuffs to set him down on hands and knees on the sleeping mat, he stayed silent.  He found himself facing the end of the bed where Tranis stood, aroused and glorious.

Lidon crawled up behind him, wedging his thighs between Degorsk’s.  The sound of a seam parting made the Imdiko catch his breath.  Lidon was taking out his cocks.  Hot, moist lengths of skinclad iron lay on the Imdiko’s ass a moment later.  Lidon shifted, and the smaller one angled down, pressing against Degorsk’s anus.  At the insistent push against the aperture, Degorsk opened himself. The cock slipped inside him, pushing deep while its larger twin slid up the crack of his ass.

Even the smaller of Lidon’s two dicks was a thick package.  Degorsk shuddered but offered no resistance as it moved deep within.  Then it slid over the hot spot and he shook all over, a cry escaping his lips.  Electricity surged, and he clutched at the bedding.  The cock moved over the button of sensation, rubbing insistently.  Degorsk’s insides twisted tight, and he cried out again.

Then Lidon reached his end, his groin pressing hard against Degorsk’s sore rear, which only knotted the Imdiko’s belly more.  He wouldn’t last.  Not like this.

“I think this will be necessary,” Lidon murmured.

“I could have used one the other night on you,” Tranis said.

“You did plenty of damage without it,” came the return growl.

Degorsk had no idea what they were talking about.  He was too busy trying to keep himself from losing control.  A moment later, he felt Lidon lean slightly over him.  Both the Nobek’s hands closed over his main dick.

A lightning bolt of pleasure made Degorsk shout.  Then Lidon’s hand at the base of him clamped down hard, halting the tidal wave rolling from his second cock into the first.  Too gone over the impending climax to understand what was happening, Degorsk bucked hard, trying to fuck the hands holding him so that he could relieve that brutal pressure.  Instead, Lidon released his hold, but a tight pressure remained, keeping bliss at bay.

Degorsk gasped.  “What the fuck?”

“I put a cockring on you.  You were right on the verge.”  Lidon sounded amused.

Degorsk tilted his head down so he could look.  There was a ring on the base of his front dick, one of thin flex-metal, ratcheted tight.

He tried to decide how he felt about wearing it.  He hadn’t wanted to come too soon, but at the same time, he really, really needed to.  The torment of interrupted climax made him feel a little crazy and a lot frustrated.

“Shit,” he said.  He was trembling all over.

“Easy,” Lidon soothed him, drawing back to make his cock drag deliciously through Degorsk’s ass.  “It will be worth the wait.”

He shoved back in, hitting that place that made things surge and billow.  Degorsk wailed in response, knowing he could only take it until Lidon decided he’d had enough.  In and out, slow and steady and strong, the cock worked him with insistent power.

In front of him, Tranis stepped close to the mat, pulling at the crotch seam of his formsuit.  His cocks spilled out, so hard they curved back towards his belly.  They were right in front of Degorsk’s face, and the spicy, masculine scent of the Dramok’s sex had him desperate for a taste.

Tranis grabbed hold of the Imdiko’s long hair and wound it around his fist.  Everything dominant in Degorsk’s makeup fled at the powerful display.  He rolled his eyes up to look into Tranis’ face, his mouth opening to accept the man’s need.

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