Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld III: Once Bitten Twice Dead

I sighed, my shoulders sagging with the weight of too many worries.  Dan moved close to take me in his arms, and I snuggled my face into the nook of his neck and shoulder.  His hands rubbed up and down my back for a bit.  Then they dipped lower until he was cupping my buttocks.  Then I felt something growing between us, right at crotch level.  Well, for heaven’s sake.

I pulled my head back, giving him my most ‘you’ve-got-to-be-kidding’ look despite the lovely warming my lower parts basked in.  Usually it’s me looking to get some at the drop of a hat.  “Who’s got the crazy libido now, Mr. Twice a Night?”

He treated me to a long, slow kiss.  Boy, there wasn’t a bit of my mouth his tongue didn’t glide over, and every hair on my body rose in reaction.  Dan knew what he was doing to me too, from the crooked grin he gave me when he finally took his lips from mine.  

“Well, after Tristan’s hero moment, I’m feeling a little behind in the competition.  Just campaigning for your vote.”

That took me down a couple of notches.  I didn’t go arctic on my man Dan, but he felt the chill anyway and hurried to say, “Don’t get all panicked, baby girl.  I don’t want to discuss being your one-and-only.  I don’t want to talk at all right now.”

He kissed me again to prove his point.  Okay, as long as I didn’t have to deal with a report on ‘Why You Should Choose Me Over Him’, I could handle this.  

Dan’s clothes suddenly disappeared, and I was touching 100 percent choice Grade-A beef.  Yeah, I could definitely handle this.  My clothes went bye-bye as well, and I twined all over him like a kudzu vine on a pine tree.  That man was smothered and covered in an instant.

He somehow got us to the leather sofa in the periodicals section, and the next thing you know we’re wrestling like it was a pay-per-view match.  He tried to hold me down, but I was not feeling very subbie for a change.  Dan was going to have to work for it this time.  

I thought baby oil and was slippery in an instant.  He yelled in surprise as I slid out from under him and clean off the leather while I was at it.  I landed on the hardwood floor with a thump, but I’d figured on that.  Before Dan knew what was happening, I jumped on his back and had him in a full nelson.  I’d made sure to wish away the baby oil first so he couldn’t slide out.  

We’re close in height, and my arms and legs are nearly as long as his.  The biggest difference between us is he’s got bulging working man’s muscles, and I have sleek health-club-just-for-show muscles.  We were pretty evenly matched nonetheless, because Dan was roaring with laughter at my unexpected ruse.  He couldn’t mount a defense, much less me, while he was bellowing hilarity.  I wrapped my legs around his hips and thought I had him tied up pretty good. 

“Who’s the Dominant now?” I asked, cinching my fingers together tight behind his neck.

“Brandilynn … you are … a mess, girl,” he wheezed between guffaws.

“I’ve got the upper hand, big boy.  If Tristan was here, I’d make you put on a pretty pink tutu and dance for him.”

“Oh you would, would you?”  He was still laughing, but there was a little growl in Dan’s words too.

“With matching bows in your hair.  And you’d have to call him Sir.”

With a beastly roar Dan reared up beneath me, easily breaking free of my grip on his arms and neck.  Without warning I was on my back with him on top.  He put me in a headlock.

“Who’s the Sir?” he asked as I squealed.  My face was mashed in his armpit.  Thank goodness ghosts don’t have B.O.

I responded by flinging my legs upward and wrapping them around his head.  I’m not always graceful, but I sure am flexible.  Dan yelped with surprise.

Then the big jerk cheated.  He gave up the headlock to tickle my ribs.  I shrieked with laughter and fought to get away.  He let me roll to the floor and crawl a couple of feet before snagging an ankle and hauling me back to tickle some more.  

We flailed like a couple of fools all over the floor.  You’d have thought we were ten-year-olds the way we carried on, laughing and yelling and roughhousing.  But we were naked and not children, so eventually you know what had to happen.  The tickling became fondling.  The laughter turned to moans.  The struggling changed to twining tight to each other.

For a little while it was Dan on top, his big hands pinning my wrists over my head while his hips stroked steadily, burying his cock in me over and over.  My legs wrapped around his buttocks, pulling hard to push him as far into me as he could go.

Then it was me on top, my hands braced on his lightly haired chest.  I gazed into his milk chocolate eyes as I rode slow and sensuously, taking him as if was my right.  His calloused hands gripped my breasts, warming them.  After several delicious minutes of this, I arched back.  I held my weight on my feet and hands, supporting myself on his rock hard thighs as I moved really slow.  We watched his flesh slide in and out of mine until we were both groaning with need.

Dan maneuvered us so that I was flat on my back again with him kneeling between my legs.  He pushed my thighs up and out, opening me wide.  He worked hard and fast then, his cock a battering ram to make my insides twist themselves into knots until something within me frayed.  I came screaming, my fingernails dragging red stripes down his arms.  He bellowed in response.

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