Friday, February 7, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld II: Blood Potion No. 9

With a cruel grin that made my stomach curl in on itself in anxious anticipation, Tristan went back to my breasts, rubbing the tender buds of my nipples with rough thumbs.  My fists clenched at the warring sensations of pain and delight.  The comforter beneath me was damp with my juices.  I sobbed in helpless ecstasy.  Talk about hurting so good.

My wonderful brute of a master finally moved in a southerly direction.  My throbbing breasts would get a break now, but I knew Tristan would be just as ruthless, if not more, with my nether parts.  He sat back, kneeling between my splayed thighs to look at my smooth, hairless sex.  He gazed at me for a long time, letting fearful anticipation build.  

He is not only the king of mouth, butt, and pussy screwing.   No one can match Tristan for a good mind-eff either.  

“You look good and wet,” he commented, as if he discussed nothing more interesting than the weather.  “Someone’s enjoying herself a lot this morning.”

Oh yes I was.  Thank you, Sir.

“I love this pussy,” he continued.  “I love shoving my tongue and cock in it.”

What a coincidence.  I love that too.

“I love that it’s open and ready for me.  I love that I can do whatever I want with it.”

Oh, you most certainly can, Sir.  So how about getting to it?  I’m dying here.

“I love playing with your clit and not letting you come.”

Oh crap.

Tristan went to work on me then.  His thumb circled around and around that sensitive spot, swirling my juices all about the soon distended nub.  He smiled a little as he did it, relaxed and enjoying me twitching as he took his sweet time driving me crazy.  Once in awhile he’d rub directly on the straining tip, making me jerk in response.  That bit of disobedience to his order to remain still earned me a sharp slap on the buttock he lifted from the bed.  Pretty soon my butt felt like it was on fire.  All I could do was lay there and take it, my arousal growing with every second.

After enjoying my helplessness for awhile, Tristan shoved a finger into me, his other hand still engaged in clit torture.  He pushed in and out hard and fast, searching for the nest of nerves inside my sleeve to torment me even worse.  I sobbed a little, knowing when he found it, I’d really be in a world of hurt.  Unfortunately for me it didn’t take him long, and then the battle was on.

Sweet, ticklish pleasure lit within me, trying to suffuse my entire pussy with liquid fire.  Tristan rubbed hard on that interior spot, making my insides balloon with pleasure.  At the same time, his thumb pressed over my clit, taking me close to explosion.  I fought with all I had not to come right then and there.  I couldn’t disobey him.  I had to be a good sub for my master.

This is Tristan’s favorite way to assert dominance over me.  He’ll take me to where I’m almost inside out with desperation to orgasm and deny me.  If I cave and allow myself to realize climax, he becomes very displeased and I’m punished for it.  His disappointment in my inability to serve his wishes is much worse than the discipline.

And he makes it exceedingly difficult to obey.

A second, then third finger joined the delicious assault on my pussy.  He pounded them into me, his expression strangely cold and distant as he worked me over.  I knew I was making too much noise for his liking, but it felt so good and I wanted to come so much!  His gaze was on my face, watching me lose ground as pleasure swelled.  His demands warred with my body’s.  I fought desperately for him to win, but the steady smack-smack of his palm meeting my pussy, those fingers crooked to massage the sensitive inside spot with a strength that made my toes curl, and that heavy thumb stroking around and around my clit, sliding over it sometimes to make me arch desperately, all this was driving my eager body towards the finish line.

“Be quiet, Brandilynn,” Tristan ordered as I groaned my desperation.  His hand lifted from my clit, and he delivered a slap to the distended nub.  

The sting, hot and demanding, took me to the very edge of orgasm, and I thought I’d lose it right there.  Ecstasy dove at me, tried to swallow me whole, and I almost let it.  I was so fraught with the need to come.  My insides gave a warning spasm, and I thought no, no, no, no.

It was heaven and hell, all rolled into one.

Tristan’s thumb went back to that roundabout swirl, which was nearly enough to finish the job.  I hung poised on the brink for several seconds before hungry-eyed orgasm retreated a half step.  It waited there, only needing the slightest moment of weakness from me to make me a bad sub.

I saw the amusement in Tristan’s eyes.  Oh no.  He knew how close I’d come that time.  He was going to push harder than ever now.

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