Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 6: Alien Redemption

Now that Rachel had some reassurance that sex was going to happen, she wanted Erybet to let her loose.  She pulled against his grip, making whimpering sounds.  Damn it, she wanted to touch them!

“Sletran.”  Erybet put a lot of command in his utterance of the other man’s name.  Apparently, it was all he needed to say, because the Nobek immediately took his place in holding her arms down.

She made another protesting sound and kicked her feet against the soft mattress in furious protest.

“So demanding.  But I’ll let it slide this instance in honor of our first time together.”  Erybet’s eyes were bright with contained mirth.  “Now hush, little sweet.  Your pleasure comes first, and you must allow us to take care of your needs.”

With that, he moved away from the bed to stand before the curtain-draped wall.  He swept the fabric aside.  There were no strange or crazy bondage instruments behind this particular drape.  He did something, and a drawer slid soundlessly out of the wall.  The Dramok rummaged in it for a moment, then extracted a couple of objects.  Another motion, and the drawer disappeared seamlessly into the wall once more.

Erybet stalked back to the sleeping mat, his smile evil enough to make Rachel’s guts clench in anticipation.  But when she looked at the things he carried, she wasn’t quite sure what to make of them.

One was a cylindrical metal object with what appeared to be a soft foam cover at one end.  The other looked just like a miniature Kalquorian penis … well miniature compared to what Conyod had possessed both front and back.  It was slightly less than what Marcus had been gifted with.  Was the Dramok planning to fuck her with it?

It had a flat flared base too.  Rachel guessed it was to prevent it from going in too far.  Okay, she thought she could handle a little experimentation with the fake cock, but she dearly hoped to get the real deal as well.  She just wished she knew what the soft-tipped metal cylinder was for.

Erybet knelt between her legs.  “We enjoy using various accessories when we make love.  You don’t seem adverse to a little adventure.  Or being held down.”

Rachel gave him a little shrug, since she didn’t know just how much ‘adventure’ he wanted to take her on.  She gave the cylinder a doubtful look.

“This?  It won’t cause any pain.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  Dushveb, misfot.”

At the foreign words, the cylinder made a low humming sound.  His gaze on her face, Erybet lowered the cushioned end of the cylinder to Rachel’s sex, touching her clit.  A steady vibration pulsed against her flesh.  Rachel gave a little cry as pleasure clenched her lower parts.  Her hips jerked, and the Dramok took the cylinder away.

“Enjoyable, isn’t it?  Would you like more?”

Rachel’s pussy was trembling in the aftermath of the brief but intense contact with the device.  She wasn’t sure how much stimulation from it she could handle.  Could there be such a thing as too much pleasure?  She was almost afraid to find out.

“Ray-Ray, I asked you a yes-or-no question, one you can easily answer.  Do you want more or not?”

There was challenge in his voice, and damn him, she’d never been able to turn down a challenge.  It was a matter of stupid, blind pride and she knew it.  It still didn’t change the fact that she refused to back down from anything.  Besides, he was thrilling her body, not hurting her.  She jerked a nod at him.

Erybet’s grin was almost cruel as he brought the vibrating toy to Rachel’s clit again.  Fierce elation shot through her groin and belly.  She yelled and her hips bucked off the bed.  He pressed it to her more firmly, and she writhed uncontrollably, her cries growing louder as hot, stomach clenching orgasm stampeded towards her.  Erybet kept up with her gyrations, not letting her escape the pulsating machine.  Oh gosh, she was going over, going to come harder than she’d ever come before…

The belly-twisting sensation was suddenly gone.  Erybet had withdrawn the massage toy again.  Rachel panted and stared at him.  Why had he stopped?  She’d been ready to orgasm.  Damn it, she’d been right there!  The ache in her loins was pounding, demanding release, and she squirmed desperately, thrusting her hips up at the Dramok.

“My Nobek, she acts as if she wants more.  Too bad she can’t tell us, isn’t it?”  The look on Erybet’s face was positively evil.

“Very unfortunate,” Sletran agreed.  His expression was every bit as devilish. 
Rachel squealed and thrust her hips up again.  She didn’t understand why they were teasing her.  What kind of jerks was Conyod clanned to, anyway?

“Do you accept my authority over you, little Ray-Ray?” Erybet asked.

Authority?  Like control?  Rachel stilled.  If he was discussing just this sexual encounter, she could live with that.  But what if he was looking for more?

“I guess I must prove my case a little better,” the Dramok mused.  He set the fake dick down on the bed and grasped the back of Rachel’s leg.  Raising it, he said, “Will you hold this for me, Sletran?”

“Of course.”  With the hand not pinning her wrists, the Nobek took hold and held her leg up and out.

At the same time, Erybet tucked her other knee between his arm and side, rendering that leg powerless as well.  Rachel gasped.  She was open and vulnerable to him now.  With his free hand, Erybet spread open her pussy lips, fully exposing her engorged clit.  The humming device lowered towards it.

Rachel strained to jerk free.  She couldn’t move, and the vibrator was getting closer … closer…
The light touch sent a blast of renewed ecstasy through her loins.  She tensed all over, her body battling to both escape and embrace the wicked instrument.  Able to do neither, it strained to release the mounting pressure.

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