Friday, February 14, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Alien Interludes, The Negotiation

His calloused hands were rough on her lithe body, awakening nerves she’d forgotten she possessed.  Israla moaned and writhed as Tyler’s powerful touch rasped against her, exciting every sense.  Her sex bubbled juices with enthusiasm she hadn’t felt in decades.

Tyler kissed his way up from her breasts to her mouth, flicking his tongue over her lips.  He stopped with an abruptness that made the Saucin whimper with need.  She opened her heavily lidded eyes to find him staring at her with concern.

“You’re crying,” he whispered.  “Have I hurt you?”

“Don’t stop,” she sobbed.  “It’s just so good that I’m overwhelmed.  Please, Tyler, by all you hold dear, don’t stop!”

“I won’t,” he breathed, swooping down to seize her mouth with his.  His kiss was tender while his hands remained coarse, a delightful juxtaposition to satisfy all her urges.  His fingers traced down her abdomen, racing down over the shredded dress torn to her hips, gathering the still intact skirt to bunch it at her waist.  His touch lighted on her bare sex, making Israla jerk with excitement.  Just the slight contact ignited her, making her hungry mound foam ever more enthusiastically.

Tyler circled the aperture, investigating her alien topography while his lips and tongue worked their slow way down.  He lit again on her breasts, gently suckling for a few heart-racing minutes, before continuing down her slender abdomen.  When he reached the rumpled pile of fabric at the topswell of Israla’s hips, she held her breath in anticipation. 
He raised his face from her body to stare at her tiny, hairless sex.  His fingers continued their explorations there, spreading the bubbles of arousal around to wet all her nether parts.  “So small, Israla,” Tyler breathed.  “I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

She smiled encouragement.  He was a sizeable specimen from the looks of his straining pants, and she thrilled to think of having him inside her.  “I have enjoyed many Earthers.  You are larger than Plasian males, but if we are careful I will be fine.”

Tyler was obviously excited, but his expression remained concerned.  Israla was freshly shaken to see him put her above his needs once more.  He looked close to retreating.

“I’ve been told how wonderful my tight Plasian flesh feels to the Earther fralis,” she disclosed, her voice a husky purr.  She tilted her pelvis up in invitation.

“God, Israla, you’re killing me,” he groaned.  His face drifted down towards her eager flesh, and he inhaled.  “You smell like flowers.  I wonder if that’s how you taste?”

Israla tightened in anticipation as his mouth hovered over her.  Oh please.

His tongue crept out, the first touch tentative.  Tyler slowly drew a bit of Israla’s lubricating foam into his mouth, closing his eyes as he sampled her flavor.  Her breath caught as his smile stretched into pure pleasure.  “That’s heaven, beautiful lady,” he breathed.  “You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t come up for air for a while.”

Without further ado, Tyler bent to her sex, feasting on the bubbles that fountained from her eager body.  Israla writhed with small chirping cries at his eager feed, forcing the Earther to lay his upper arms across her waist to hold her down.  She clawed at his hair, tousling his carefully brushed locks into disarray.  For a man who’d never been with a Plasian, Tyler was wonderfully adept at lusinus.

He rubbed the silky surface of his tongue all over the outside of her orifice, licking the soft flesh clean for an instant before Israla foamed anew, giving him more to devour.  “No clit,” she heard him murmur behind the roar in her ears.

“What?” she panted.  He was so enthusiastic, it was hard to think straight.

“You have no clitoris.”  Lick.  “That’s a bit of flesh—” suck “—on Earther females—” lick “—with a lot of nerve endings—” slurp “—that make sex feel great.”  Lick.

Israla trembled violently, her whole body centered on Tyler’s mouth and tongue.  “The nerves … those are … inside me.”

“Mmmff.”  If he was trying to speak, it wasn’t intelligible.  He let her waist go to grip her thighs, spreading her wide.  The next second, his tongue dove into her.

Israla stiffened as he made contact with the first ring of pleasure just inside her sheath.  Tyler’s tongue stabbed in and out of her, dragging rhythmically against the nerves that circled her passage, yanking little cries of delight from her lips.  She shuddered from head to toe as sensation washed back and forth in the pit of her belly.

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