Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday – First Mataras: Michaela

Korkla frowned and turned from the closed door to Michaela’s quarters.  He eyed his equally concerned clanmates.  “No answer.  Do you think she’s hiding in there, trying to avoid us?”

Raxstad looked the door and its locking mechanism over.  “I bet I could force it without damage.”

Govi put a hand on his Nobek’s muscled shoulder, his tone warning.  “That would be a bad move.  I told you she might try to avoid us.”

Korkla shoved down the frustration that tried to take good sense away.  He’d barely slept all night.  Time and again, his mind had turned to dark-eyed, beautiful Michaela, remembering every expression on her cherubic face.

He told Govi, “I thought we left things on such a good note with her.  She was smiling when we said our goodnights.”

His Imdiko gave him a sad smile, a particularly poignant expression for such a beautiful face.  “This is a damaged, frightened Earther, my Dramok.  Michaela seems to feel unworthy of positive attention every bit as much as she craves it.”

Raxstad planted his hands on his hips and scowled at nothing in particular.  “This is fucked up.  How are we supposed to fix that if she won’t even see us?”

Govi sighed.  “Welcome to my world.”

Korkla grimaced.  “I have new respect for your work with the other Earther Mataras, my Imdiko.  Now what do we do?”

Release tentatively scheduled for June 2014

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