Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Unholy Union

“Their loss.  My gain.”  His tongue teased her parted lips then slowly crept into her mouth to taste her with lingering slowness.  She sighed, every sense igniting.

She slipped from her chair to kneel at his feet.  Raising her gaze to his delighted face, she whispered, “May I?”

“Yes, Elaine.”

She unbuttoned his trousers with trembling fingers, slipping the zipper open to free the cock that swelled in greeting.  With a moan, she took him deep into her mouth, the desperation to fellate him shocking but so right all at once.

She sucked his hard flesh, forcing her throat to accept him the way she knew he liked.  He groaned encouragement as she used her tongue to wickedly thrash his cock, laving every inch of his generous length.  Her sex spasmed as she worked to pleasure him, as if serving Ash was all it would take to achieve her own satisfaction.  Her thighs were slick with honey, and she moaned around the stiff cock she stabbed into her own throat.

The salty pre-ejaculate seeping from the tip was a treasure to roll around on her tongue, as if tasting every note of a fine wine.  She swallowed it with delight, remembering how he’d fountained in her mouth the night before, the thick eruption bringing her to orgasm without the slightest touch to her pussy required.  But he’d filled her there too, fucking her both gently and hard, depending on his mood at the moment.  Every time she’d climaxed, each explosion better than the last.

When he gripped her upper arms, pulling her upright, she mewled with loss as his penis slipped from the confines of her clinging mouth.  He turned her around to face the table, his heavy breathing ringing in the air.  “Bend over.”

She obediently lay across the marble surface, the cold of it making her gasp.  But she was eager for what he would give her, almost mindless in her need.  She heard him open another condom wrapper then the tip of his cock pressed at her entrance.

 “Come quickly for me, Elaine.  There’s something else I want to do before I lose control.”

That would be no problem.  Her body quivered, already well on its way to the rapture his penetration would bring.

She keened a high, wavering cry as he invaded her.  Her body yielded eagerly to him.  His hands on her hips were like vises, holding her still as he pistoned in and out so very hard and fast.  His shaft rubbed on the best part inside, that bundle of nerves that sent her jerking and screaming as blinding light filled her to bursting.

“Yes, yes,” he hissed, his tone greedy as her pleasure arced high for a second wave of ecstasy.  “Give me all you can, my love.  Give it to me.”

She did, helpless to deny the rapturous explosions that ripped through her.  And, as it had happened over and over during their lovemaking the night, her body lost all strength, leaving her laying heavy and unable to move even as orgasm filled her.

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