Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld I: Drop Dead Sexy

 He stepped out of the way, and a very naked, very ready Dan stood before me.  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.  Sexy Marlboro Man had me in his sights.  He stepped close, his front touching mine.  His beard stubble rasped against my cheek as he rubbed his jaw against my face.  The crinkly-crisp hairs of his chest were a delight to my peaked nipples, his belly warm against mine and his long, thick sex probed right where I wanted it most.  He cupped my buttocks in his hands, pulling me even closer.  Oh yessir.  This was right where I wanted to be.
“Now this has real possibilities,” he growled, sending my skin into gooseflesh.  He licked my ear, setting off shudders down my spine.  Next, he kissed his way across my jawline to my chin.  He traveled down my throat, licking and nibbling a wet path down to the hollow, then farther down to the valley between my breasts.

Dan nuzzled his face deep into my cleavage, his light growth of beard sandpaperish on my soft skin.  I caught my breath at the rough sensation, even more so at my helplessness to move away from it.  With a devilish glint in his brown eyes, Dan scruffed his way up one mound, nipping until he reached the summit of my breast.  He caught the rosy tip between his teeth, and I trembled at the growing pressure.  A pleasurable dart of pain sizzled from the hard nub to my sex, making me mewl.  My inner thighs were slick with honey.

Dan’s tongue darted over the captured nipple, sending hot excitement through my flesh.    The chains holding the cuffs to the wall jangled with my shaking.  Then he released the taut, reddened peak to lick a slow circle over the areola.  He dragged his rough chin all over my breast, reddening the tender mound.  Then his mouth closed over it, sucking as much as he could draw into his mouth.  I groaned to be so hungrily consumed.

Once the nipple of that breast had been teased until it blushed fire-engine red, he repeated the whole routine with the other.  The entire time Dan mauled my orbs, his hands clutched my buttocks, digging his fingers into the pliable flesh.  I felt beyond possessed.  I felt owned.

There is nothing like a strong man to make me feel all woman.

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