Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 5: Alien Slave

            Oh no.  Dani couldn’t even twitch, she was so worn.  “Please,” she whispered.  “I can’t.”
            “You will.”  Wynhod crept over her, his big, muscular body blocking out the brutal glare of the sun. 
            Weak as a newborn kitten, Dani could only lie there as he looked down on her.  His hand cupped her jaw, the calloused pad of his thumb rough on her lips as he outlined her mouth. 
            “I want this,” he said.
            Wynhod moved up, his body sliding over her vision as he crawled forward.  His handsome face, tense with predatory intent, slid from her view to be replaced by his thick neck, wide shoulders and sculpted chest.  Next came the defined ridges of his abdomen, longer in proportion than an Earther’s with eight bumps in place of her own kind’s six.  Then his cocks were there, hovering over her face.  A shade darker than the rest of his mocha skin, the iron appendages pointed at right angles to his body, eager to be serviced.  A pearlescent drop beaded at the tip of the larger one.
            “Open your mouth.”
            The irrefutable command in his voice triggered her immediate compliance.  Dani parted her lips without sparing a thought as to whether or not she should obey.      Wynhod’s bigger organ descended.  Her nostrils were filled with a cinnamon-y sweet smell.  As soon as it was within reach, Dani’s tongue flicked out, nabbing the droplet. 
Sweet-salty-spiciness teased her senses.  She suddenly looked forward to orally pleasuring the Nobek.  She hoped he would let her fellate him to orgasm, flooding her mouth with his delicious fluids.  She was momentarily shocked to find herself newly aroused.
            The tip of his bullet-shaped penis passed her lips, and he slowly invaded the warmth of her mouth.  The careful entrance was at odds with Wynhod’s nearly continuous growls.  Dani fully expected him to go animal at any moment, shoving his need all the way into her throat until she choked on his length.  Instead, the Nobek stopped well before inciting the gag reflex.
            “Can you move either of your arms, little fighter?” he asked.
            His posture with his legs bent at her sides kept Dani’s upper arms pinned against her ribcage.  She was able to bend her elbows though, and she reached up to squeeze his thighs.  His muscles were like concrete under the smooth skin.  She loved the feel of him.
            “Good.  Squeeze again when you feel like you can’t take anymore of me.”
            Wynhod pressed deeper into her mouth, taking his time.  Dani relaxed her throat, enjoying every nuance of how he felt.  The vein on the underside of his cock pulsed against her tongue.  The organ was hot, like coffee at the perfect temperature.  The flesh was pure velvet softness, stretched over the unbending steel of his arousal.  And the cinnamon taste of his natural lubricant delighted her.  She rubbed her tongue up and down his length, swallowing as much of his precious fluids as she could.
            Wynhod groaned low in his throat.  “Dani,” he whispered, her name like a prayer on his lips.
She took more of him than even she thought possible before giving his legs the warning squeeze.  The Nobek immediately halted.  “Good girl,” he rumbled and reversed his course.
He fucked her mouth slowly, taking great care with her.  His smaller cock slid beneath her chin, leaving a trail of wetness down the length of her throat.  The joy of taking him so intimately, along with his obvious consideration, aroused Dani beyond belief.  She reached to finger her avid flesh.  She moaned as her insides melted at her touch.

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