Friday, January 3, 2014

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 3: Alien Conquest

            Tranis appeared next to her.  He stroked her hair soothingly.  “It feels good to give yourself to us in all ways.  You have no wish to fight.”
            Her head was turned away from Degorsk as his bulk settled on the other side of her, but she detected the gentle smile in his voice.  His fingers traced the line of her spine.  “Your body is eager to know us in every way possible.  Relax and feel yourself open to Lidon.”
            “You’re godless animals.  You deserve to burn in Hell.”  Angry tears slid from Cassidy’s eyes.
            She trembled as the hard slickness of Lidon’s shaft slowly pressed into her hesitant flesh, but the brief burst of energy had departed, leaving her limp.  She whimpered but could offer no resistance to his invasion.
            Lidon’s natural lubrication was thick, allowing him to ease into her tightest passage with little difficulty.  He went slowly, giving her body time to accustom itself to his breadth.  The smaller penis entered Cassidy’s sex, still tight from her last climax.  Tranis reached beneath her to stroke her pleasure nub.
            The stimulation of her clitoris and Lidon’s second organ’s entrance brought waves of now-familiar delight.  But the steel of his larger member’s invasion was a revelation.  Cassidy ached from the stretch of accommodating him, but the low throb was of little consequence.  Her taboo orifice thrilled at the fullness, absorbing him with a deep pleasure that left her moaning.  She had never known such consuming desire.
            Lidon’s voice had a catch in it as he spoke.  “That’s it, my pet.  You’re such a good girl to allow yourself to enjoy this.”
            “She really likes it,” Tranis whispered.  “My fingers are soaked with her juices.”
            “It gives me hope I was afraid to have,” Degorsk replied.  “It’s their worst sin.  That she appreciates it tells me we may fix the damage they’ve done after all.”
            Cassidy barely heard their conversation.  She was fixated on the delights of Lidon filling her as she’d never imagined being filled.  He slid deeper into her until at last his groin met her buttocks.  He groaned.
            “So hot inside.  So incredibly tight.”  His hands rubbed the mounds of flesh then parted them.  Cassidy imagined him looking at where they joined and shivered. 
            “She’s taken all of me.  I didn’t think such a tiny girl would be capable.”
            Tranis kissed Cassidy’s cheek.  “Your Nobek is very happy with you, Matara.  Well done.”
            Despite the wrongness of the act, she thrilled at his praise.  For some reason, pleasing the aliens made her glad.  That she felt so should have upset her, but she was too tired and too aroused to care.  Nothing made sense right now except the delicious sensation of being used so sinfully.
            Lidon moved, drawing slowly out until Cassidy was nearly emptied of him.  The loss affected her keenly, and she whimpered a protest.  The Nobek’s breathy chuckle consoled her. 
           “We’re not done, my pet.  Not quite, though it won’t last as long as you and I would wish, I’m afraid.”
           He pressed into her once more, stretching her with that delicious fullness.  She warbled a contented sound, prompting delighted laughter from all three men.
           Lidon’s long strokes stoked her inner fire, the amazing friction burning brighter and brighter.  Tranis rubbed her clitoris all the while, and Degorsk’s tongue running down her spine added to the building excitement.  Completely immersed in a haze of desire, Cassidy begged her leaden body to move, to allow her to thrust back against the man behind her so she might take him as deep as possible.
           Her limbs remained unresponsive, unable to do more than twitch.  Incapable of satisfying her mounting needs, she thought, harder.
           Lidon’s rhythm wavered for a moment.  “Did I hear that right?”
           Dear heaven.  Had she said it out loud?
           “Your Matara wants to know more of your strength, Lidon,” Degorsk said in a voice hushed with wonder. 
           Tranis added, “I suggest you do all you can to satisfy her.”
           “A duty I am happy to fulfill,” the Nobek growled. 

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