Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday – First Mataras: Michaela

Korkla leaned close so that he spoke intimately in Michaela’s ear.  “You have no idea how very tantalizing you are, my rare and wonderful Earther.  I do hope that once you get to know us, you’ll allow us to prove that to you.”

She swallowed.  In an instant she looked every bit as young and vulnerable as she was.  It made Korkla’s chest ache to see her that way.  Michaela Blake had his head spinning as no one else ever had.  One moment she was tough, the next tragic.  Like a little lost girl, she needed strong men to shelter her.

Her voice hesitant, she asked Korkla, “You don’t see me as a freak?”

A low growl sounded from Raxstad.  Ignoring him, Korkla said, “That’s a horrible word, Michaela.  Don’t say it again, please?”

Govi’s tone was firmer than usual.  “You’re not a freak.  You are unique.  Astonishing.”

“You are Michaela,” Raxstad pronounced, as if that was the answer to all concerns.  “There is no other like you.”

Michaela looked at each of them in turn, a smile pulling at her lips.  “Damn.  Do you guys all go to school to learn how to say the right things?  You must have passed with flying colors.”

The tense moment passed, and the three men chuckled at her.  Raxstad said, “If I had received such training, I wouldn’t have found half the trouble I have.”

Michaela grinned at him and turned to Korkla.  She tossed her curls back over her shoulder and asked, “What do you all do on Kalquor?  Israla said you are the aide to the Crown Prince?”

Korkla nodded.  “One of them, Dramok Crown Prince Clajak.  Don’t be too impressed.  It’s a position that’s short on glory and long on stress.”

Her throaty chuckle delighted him.  “So is he a good prince or a lazy, spoiled pain in the ass?”

The three men exchanged a look and burst into outright laughter.  Korkla knew for himself he was not only tickled by the question about Prince Clajak himself, but by Michaela’s bluntness.  She said exactly what she meant, and Korkla enjoyed that aspect of her personality.

Korkla leaned back and considered how to answer her question.  “Ah, Clajak.  He’s not easily summed up.”

Michaela snorted.  “Short answer:  pain in the ass.”

“Sometimes.  But there is a very good man at the heart of it all.  I see him as a great emperor some day.”

Michaela turned to Raxstad next and tapped his knee with her slippered toe.  “What about you, Gorilla Man?  Wait, let me guess.  You walk into rooms where Kalquor’s enemies congregate.  They take one look at you, surrender, and beg for mercy.”

He thrust his shoulders back, swelling his massive chest in an exaggerated display.  “That’s it.  That’s exactly what I do.  My next stop is Earth, where I’ll tell them to leave you the fuck alone or be stomped.”

Release tentatively set for June 2014

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