Friday, December 13, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – First Mataras: Michaela (WIP)

Michaela didn’t think her cock could get any harder, but it somehow managed to.  All her strength everywhere else in her body drained away.  She collapsed backwards.

“Michaela!” Govi cried.  All three men surrounded her, and Korkla and Raxstad managed to catch her though she would have only fallen to the cloud-soft platform.  They lowered her gently while Govi checked her pulse in her throat.

Korkla looked absolutely panicked.  “By the ancestors, we need to get her to a doctor.”

Govi leaned over so that his face hovered just over Michaela’s, filling her vision.  She heard him saying her name over and over, as if from a great distance away.  The Earther stared into that beautiful alien face, with his purple cat-pupiled eyes.  She felt a physical need.  It was a need that demanded her surrender.  

Michaela felt a desperation that if she denied it, it might kill her.  In that moment, she was absolutely convinced her life depended on Govi’s touch, and not just his hand on the side of her neck.  She needed more.  She needed all of him.

Michaela didn’t think as she reached for him.  Thought was no longer a power she harnessed.  Brutal longing was all she knew, and it had to be sated immediately.  She wrapped her arms around the Imdiko’s head, yanking him down and herself up simultaneously.  Their lips connected.

Michaela moaned as the warmth of his mouth fired straight into hers.  It zapped an electric path down her throat, filling her chest and stomach, and finally arriving to pulse like a second heartbeat in her cock and pussy.  Govi’s lips against hers made her entire body sing.  She wanted more.  She felt she could have devoured him.

Her lips had parted as she moaned and sobbed wordless pleas against Govi’s mouth.  His tongue abruptly invaded, tasting her with fervent need.  Michaela gasped and arched against him, her senses overloading at the astounding contact.

Bodies pressed up on either side of her.  Michaela broke the kiss, looking to her right to find Korkla there, his eyes dark and dangerous.  She barely had time to catch her breath before he claimed his own demanding kiss.

The taste and feel of feral male along with the heady scent of the flowers were all Michaela knew.  Her sexes throbbed with violent need, driving her beyond rational thought.  She clutched at the men, desperate for something though she wasn’t quite sure what it was.

Raxstad’s kisses were the fiercest of all, leaving her lips feeling swollen and bruised.  Rather than frightening her or dampening her ardor, it only made her frantic for more.  Michaela struggled and squalled, needing and needing and needing with no knowledge of how she could be fulfilled.

The brutal longing only increased as hands swept over her torso, touching, fondling, and exploring with abandon.  They pulled at her shirt, at last sweeping it away.  The binding pressing her breasts flat was yanked away and tossed aside.

Voracious mouths joined in the sensual assault. Michaela’s breasts were mauled and devoured with rapacious hunger.  The pressure in her groin mounted, growing heavy until she thought she would never rise from the platform under her own power.  She kicked and moaned and wailed as heat licked through her loins.  Something kicked way down low, and molten lava seeped into her cock. 

As if drawn by the heat, a rough hand slipped into the waistband of her trousers.  At the bold touch, Michaela escaped enough of desire’s haze to tense.  The groping hand reached lower still.  She knew it would soon touch her and find her sexes ... both her sexes.  She tensed.  She needed to be touched.  She was desperate to be touched.  When it happened, she also knew the men would turn away.   

The hand stopped.  Instead of touching her, it gripped the waistband of her pants and shoved them down to her knees.  Then they were yanked away, leaving her naked.  Exposed.

Korkla, Govi, and Raxstad could see everything.  Michaela cried out and tried to draw up in a ball, tried to hide.  It was too late, however.  They held her down, and they stared.

“By the ancestors,” Korkla breathed.  “Mother of All.”

Tentative release scheduled for June 2014

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