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Friday, December 6, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire (M/M WIP)

            At long last, those fingers touched Flencik’s cocks.  Rajhir drew them softly over the rigid flesh, from base to tip.  He then carefully licked the Imdiko’s lubrication from each fingertip with apparent enjoyment.  Then he granted him contact once more, swirling over Flencik’s moist cocks, drawing patterns over them with a barely there touch that made the young doctor pant.  It felt as if Rajhir imparted sparks of fire into Flencik’s flesh.  The Imdiko couldn’t help but move beneath the attention.
            “You really aren’t used to being handled this way.  The novelty wears off soon enough.  I could make you beg me to do more,” Rajhir smirked.  “By the way, how does this feel?”
            His face lowered towards Flencik’s groin.  Rajhir’s lips parted open as they neared his cocks.  Flencik tensed all over, readying for contact.
            Rajhir did not kiss or lick him.  He didn’t even touch those eager staves.  Instead, his breath wafted over the slick cocks, sending warmth over Flencik’s flesh.  Goosebumps broke out over the Imdiko’s skin.  He moaned.
            A pearlescent drop formed on his primary cock.  “Is that for me?” Rajhir asked.  Without waiting for an answer, he licked it off.
            The sensation of the Dramok’s rough tongue on his prick snatched away Flencik’s control.  He yelled, his ass jerking up off the bed.  He let go of the rails over his head.
            The next instant, Rajhir shoved one of Flencik’s thighs up, baring an ass cheek.  His open palm landed hard on it three times, sending sharp pain into the muscled mass.  Flencik yelped at the sudden burn on his rear.
            Rajhir let his leg go and shook a warning finger at him.  “Naughty Imdiko.  Don’t take your hands off those rails again or I’ll use a strap next time.”
            The unexpected discipline had heat spilling into Flencik’s secondary cock, filling it with excitement and threatening to move into his primary.  From there, it would only be seconds before he’d climax.  Flencik fought for control.
            He again grasped the headboard and gasped, “I’m sorry, Dramok.”
            “You’d better be.  Now mind me.”
            Rajhir didn’t make it easy to behave.  He went to work with a will on Flencik.  His hands closed over the Imdiko’s cocks, pumping slowly to make him writhe.  His hands squeezed at key points, the pressure stealing Flencik’s breath at times, forcing cries out at others.  The Dramok had educated himself well, all right.  Flencik’s groin felt as if it had been tied in knots.  The pleasure was downright excruciating, sometimes approaching pain.
            “I do like having someone bigger than me at my mercy,” Rajhir chuckled, releasing him.  He leaned forward and over to the side, opening a drawer in the table next to the bed to rummage inside. 
            “Makes you feel powerful, does it?” Flencik groaned.  He didn’t think he’d ever been so hard in all his life. 
            “It does.  I’m enjoying this immensely, Imdiko.  Ah, here we go.”  Rajhir drew something out of the drawer and sat back.
            Flencik blinked at the curved dildo the Dramok held.  Rajhir squirted a clear gel over it and rubbed the lubricant all over the toy as he watched.  It was a thick piece, though not as big as even most men’s secondary cocks.  Still, it gave him pause.
            “Is that what you’re going to use to prepare me?”
            “Oh yes.  You’ll find the bit of a curve is perfect for stimulating the prostate.  Have you had one like this before?”
            Flencik swallowed.  “I can’t say I have.  I’m not used to those.”
            Rajhir’s eyebrow rose.  “No?”
            “The men I’ve been with tend to use their fingers, not – not toys.”
            Rajhir snorted.  “That’s because younger men make the mistake of thinking their cocks should be enough to pleasure someone else.  There’s a mindset that says relying on toys and sex tools to make a lover feel good makes you less a man.  I don’t subscribe to that idea.  Doing whatever it takes to make a lover feel good makes you a man.”
            He had finished lubing the dildo.  “You can let go of the headboard now, Imdiko.  Now I want you to grab the backs of your legs and hold yourself open for me.”
            Hesitant, Flencik released his hold on the rails.  He kept his eyes on the curved dildo as he grasped the backs of his knees.  He paused.
            His tone uncertain, he said, “You’re sure you know what you’re doing?”
            Rajhir’s smile was comforting for a change.  “I’ve had plenty of practice, Flencik.  Trust me.  I’m not going to hurt you.”
            Still not sure he should be agreeing to this, Flencik lifted and spread his legs.  He felt terribly vulnerable.  The doctor’s knowledge of anatomy told him that if Rajhir was careful, no harm would be done.  Still, there was always the chance something bad could happen.  Showing up at the hospital with a bleeding ass would be more than a little humiliating, especially for a doctor.
            He tensed when the narrow tip of the dildo touched his anus.  Rajhir’s gaze flicked up to look him in the face.
            “Easy, Flencik.  This is going to feel wonderful, and if by some chance it doesn’t, I’ll stop immediately.”
            Flencik forced himself to relax.  He was acting like a nervous virgin, something he hadn’t been for several years.  It was just that Rajhir was so intense, and Flencik wanted to please him too much.  He worried it would make him more likely to allow things he shouldn’t.
            He felt the prod of the dildo at his ass.  He made himself accepting, though he also promised himself that at the first sign of pain, he’d kick Rajhir across the room.  For the Dramok’s part, he was intent on what he was doing. 
            “Open to me, my big, beautiful man,” the Dramok murmured.  He slid the toy a little ways inside, up to where the curve of it began.
            No pain, only a delicious fullness.  Flencik felt a kick in his groin and moaned.  Damn, it had been too long since he’d last had sex.
            “All right so far?” Rajhir asked.
            The fact he checked on Flencik helped the Imdiko release even more tension.  Rajhir was being careful with him.  “I’m fine.”
            “Here’s where it gets really good,” the Dramok grinned.
            He slipped the fake cock further into Flencik’s ass.  The way it curved made the tip of it rub the interior of his channel.  A wallop of pleasure engulfed the Imdiko’s lower parts, shooting ecstasy right to his cocks.  Pre-cum spat out of the primary, and Flencik yelled out as molten heat swelled the secondary.
            “Nice,” Rajhir said with a smirk.  “I think we found something you like.”

Tentative release date March 2014

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