Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday – First Mataras: Michaela

Govi took up the challenge, as they had agreed he would.  “You say you feel female.  We’ve been told by the doctor who saw you here that you have all the organs that make a female.  You are even believed to be fertile.  The presence of eggs has been confirmed.”

Korkla did not miss the bitterness in Michaela’s tone as she responded.  “And sperm.  And a dick.  I’m repulsive.”

The Dramok saw Raxstad jerk.  Momentary anger crossed his broad features before he recovered and snorted dismissively.  “I have sperm and two dicks.  Does that make me twice as repulsive?”

Michaela scowled.  “For heaven’s sake, you’re a Kalquorian man.  You’re supposed to have that stuff.  I’m supposed to be one or the other.  Not something in between.”

Govi cupped her chin in his palm, forcing her to look at him.  In a gentle but firm tone, he said, “You’re supposed to be what you are.  Nothing else.  Michaela, I like men and women.  My whole clan does.  The three of us are intimate with each other.”

Korkla had to weigh in as well because Michaela’s self-loathing concerned him like nothing else he’d ever faced.  “I’ve also been with a couple of species that are intersex, as you call it.  None of that bothers me.  In fact, the idea of being with someone who is so much like my species and is both male and female is exciting.”

“You’ve just got more toys to play with, that’s all.”  Raxstad grinned with mischief, then leaned close to growl lecherously at Michaela.  “I like toys, especially when they come attached to someone as pretty as you.”

Michaela stared at him, her lovely, lush mouth hanging wide open.  She had a look on her face that said she was both titillated and scared.

It was an expression that made Korkla’s cocks fill with abrupt and insistent heat.  He had the sudden vision of Michaela kneeling at his feet, looking up at him with that heady mix of anxiety and anticipation.

He caught a delicious scent as well; something sweetly salty, like the seashore after a summer storm.  It came from the Earther in a sudden wave, and he couldn’t help but look at her lap.  The Dramok’s breath caught to see a slight bulge in her skirt at the apex of where her thighs would meet.

Male and female.  Innocent and yet world-weary.  This beauty was such a treasure, and he’d been told his clan could keep her if they wished.  Korkla did not yet know nearly enough about Michaela to make that momentous decision, but it took everything he had to not ask her to be their Matara in this instant.

Release tentatively set for June 2014

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  1. Michaela is such a great character and I love Clan Korkla too. I'm looking forward to this book!