Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue

Eager arousal came roaring back, curling Raven’s fingers and toes.  Vendeen drew back, slowly emptying her of himself, dragging sensational friction through her tighter sheath.  It made the vibrator buried in her pussy thrum hard against her most sensitive interior spot.  She moaned throatily, pleasure burgeoning throughout her body as Vendeen thrust hard inside once more.

“There’s a girl,” her lover whispered.  “That’s right.  You love this, don’t you?  You want to show me how good it feels.  You want to come for me.”

Yes, she did.  Raven fought the command keeping her pinned down, fought it so she could raise her ass in offering to Vendeen.  She made a sound of desperate entreaty, wordlessly begging him to keep the delicious, aching thrills coursing through her body so she could climax.

His loins slapped up against her ass with increasing frequency and power.  “Feel me inside you, Raven,” he growled.  “Feel my cock going deep in your ass.  Tell me how good it feels.”

“Yes,” she moaned, barely aware she was speaking as the vibrator continued its demanding pleasuring of her pussy and clit.  Delight sizzled through her veins as her body reached for nirvana, closing in on her now. 

“Tell me.”

“Please, more.  Harder,” she gasped.  She was getting near.  All that mattered was the coming explosion that would sear her to her very soul.

“Yes.  You’re going to come for me.”

“Yes.”  So close now.  Her insides began to light up, readying to detonate fit for the Fourth of July.

“Do it, Raven.  Let go.  Let it happen.”

As if she’d only awaited his approval, rapture suffused Raven’s gut and unfurled in molten streamers through her body.  She was aware she screamed, but knew little else.  All was pulsing, pounding fury, making the earth quake all around her.

She came back to reality, her breath sobbing, eyes streaming, and pussy still shuddering.  Vendeen continued to whipcrack his hips against her ass.

“She’s back.”  Daagiis’ amused voice sounded far away.  His form seemed dim before Raven’s blurred eyes.

“Not for long.”  Vendeen was gasping.  “You will come for me again, my servant.  I demand it.”

Raven moaned, but ecstasy already ramped up once more, driving her into elated oblivion.  Then another explosive orgasm was on her, tearing her apart, sending her flying in all directions.   Convulsion after convulsion seized her, as if to wring her insides of all their strength.

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