Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Sister Katherine

Miv picked her up and carried her back into the bedroom, laying her down on the sleeping mat.  He pinned her with his muscled frame, lying lightly on top of her while he engaged her mouth in a mind-stealing kiss.  The embarrassing shower faded from Katherine’s mind as lips and tongue plundered, making her writhe like a snake beneath the Nobek.

Miv released the kiss and lay down next to her.  Simdow slid his body next to her on the other side.  Katherine didn’t know what to do.  She wanted to touch them.  She wanted to run away.  She lay frozen, her senses rioting as contradictory demands left her shaking and confused.

The Dramok told Katherine, “Now you will enjoy something new.  I believe you are ready for this.  Vadef, you were not with us earlier, so you may have the honor.”

Standing at the foot of the bed, the Imdiko smiled.  He looked as delighted as a child with a new toy.  “Thank you, my Dramok.”

He crawled up between Katherine’s legs, his moves slow and sinuous as if stalking her.  She started to draw her knees up, trying to move away though she knew she had nowhere to go.  Vadef wriggled his shoulders between her thighs, making her open to him.  Before she could make another attempt to thwart whatever the Imdiko had in mind, his fingers brushed her clitoris.

The melting sensation brought her concerns stuttering to a halt.  Katherine’s breath caught as he began a slow exploration, much as Simdow had done earlier.  Her legs, trembling with weakness, fell open as pleasure washed through her. 

Thoughts of recrimination fled to distant places as Simdow’s mouth descended on one breast and Miv’s mouth fell on hers.  They kissed and caressed while Vadef traced her folds, his fingers slipping through the wet flesh to investigate her thoroughly.  Katherine’s hip rose without her conscious control, begging him for the sweet cataclysm she’d discovered only hours before.  He paused from his examination to tug on the most sensitive nub of flesh from time to time, sending token blasts of exuberant passion through her.  She moaned as she fed on first Miv’s then Simdow’s mouths, tasting their ardor as Vadef brought hers higher.

Something with the rasp of the finest sandpaper, warm and wet, settled on her anus.  It slowly slid up, dipping momentarily into the well of her before continuing through the petals of her labia, ending to flick lightly the tip of her clitoris.  Katherine’s insides clenched even as she jerked in violent reaction.  The rapture of the embrace was so intense that Vadef was repeating the journey before she realized he used his tongue on her.

He had his mouth on her.  There.

Katherine’s profound shock interrupted the delightful sensation until he reached her clitoris again.  This time Vadef sucked on the engorged bit of flesh, and rational thought shattered again as fierce need pulsed through her.  Katherine cried out.  The tidal wave of elation that poured through her had her entire body jerking beneath the men.

Her legs kicked in reaction, and Vadef grasped them to drape over his shoulders.  He now kissed her sex, kissed it as deep and intimately as Simdow and Miv kissed her mouth.  Katherine poured liquid encouragement, and Vadef drank her in with a happy groan.

She couldn’t lay still under the sinfully delicious assault.  Not with Simdow and Miv alternating between her achingly erect breasts and gasping mouth, not with Vadef feasting on her with decadent voraciousness.  The men’s bodies pressed against hers, keeping her pinned and open to their demanding mouths.

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  1. Hi Tracy, re-reading Sister Katherine now and came across a statement from Vadef that I hadn't noticed before and It got me thinking, In the statement he says "it couldn't have been more devastating to the Empire than if it had been custom made to eradicate us". Was the virus that killed/made barren the kalq females introduced into their atmosphere rather than a plaque that would be naturally occurring like we consider the black death to have been?

    1. If you go to the page The Kalquorian Empire and look under History: The Virus, you will find the long, involved story about its origin. It's a bit too much for me to put here. :D